In what is a brand new iron category for PING, the Crossover serves as an alternative to a hybrid depending on a golfer’s needs. If you think of a hybrid as a combination of a fairway wood and an iron, PING takes things a step further as the Crossover combines the playing advantages of a hybrid with that of an iron. Oh, a driving iron, you’re thinking. Not at all.

PING Crossover Hybrid Irons

The Crossover, unlike traditional driving irons, is designed to deliver the launch conditions of a hybrid but maintain the level of workability that irons provide. That combination was achieved in several ways. First, a wider sole allowed the CG to be moved back, which creates the high launch angles golfers are accustomed to with hybrids. But the Crossover also features a flat face, which gives players an easier time in shaping shots and controlling trajectory as needed.

Additionally, extreme heel-toe weighting creates a higher MOI and max forgiveness. The Crossover comes in lofts of 18, 21, and 24 degrees and features a black PVD finish that serves dual functions. It gives the Crossover a visually smaller profile that one might expect in an iron, but according to PING engineers, it’s also a finish that has traditionally delivered good turf interaction.

“Taking the combination of the good qualities of a hybrid, but also the workability a player gets with an iron.” Ryan Stokke – PING Design Engineer Manager

“That thing’s hotter than a pistol. It goes a mile in the air and it’s a very piercing ball flight.” Barton, TGW Customer 2 hdcp.