ECCO Cage EVO golf shoesECCO’s golf shoe brand is still growing in the United States, but one thing’s for sure; this is a company that has an incredibly loyal customer base. That loyalty has been built on a number of factors but leading the way is the impressive comfort level that always seems to accompany ECCO golf shoes. The company’s latest offering, ECCO Cage, once again is racking up high marks for comfort while also earning praise for its innovation, construction, and performance.

To learn more about this new product, TGW sat down with Thomas Dixon, ECCO’s North American Product Manager for Golf Shoes, to find out more about why our customers should consider Cage when purchasing their next golf shoe.

TGW: The signature feature of the ECCO Cage golf shoe is the stability structure on the back. Can you tell us how the design for this came about?

THOMAS DIXON, ECCO’s North American Product Manager for Golf Shoes: The heel cage at the back of the shoe is quite a technical innovation. We found that a lot of golfers lose stability and momentum in their swing because they have too much torque in their feet. The Cage corrects this using a direct injected polyurethane heel cage. Being able to create this cage using the injection process was quite the task for our designers and developers. Polyurethane is designed to keep its original shape and is flexible enough to move with your foot. You get something that isn’t uncomfortable and extremely stiff but a structure that is long-lasting, comfortable, and benefits the golfer.

TGW: What benefits do golfers see from the Cage feature in these golf shoes?

DIXON: The Cage was designed with two purposes: comfort and stability. The uppers are created from Caldera leather, which is a hard-wearing yet very soft and flexible leather. The outsole, featuring Champ Slim-Lok spikes, was designed to mock the muscles and ligaments in your foot. When walking a golf course, players receive a ton of comfort, with no break-in period needed. The polyurethane, direct-injected midsole gives players that stability they need to make each shot in a range of conditions and lies.

TGW: The leather ECCO Cage golf shoes include your signature Hydromax treatment. How is this different than other water protection?

DIXON: Hydromax is quite a unique process in that it is a chemical applied to the leather during tanning. It’s designed to never wear off or fade away, compared to a coating applied to a material that can dissipate over time.

TGW: If a golfer has never tried an ECCO shoe before, why should he or she change that with the Cage?

DIXON: Comfort. The number one reason we make all our shoes is to create a comfortable experience for golfers. This shoe happens to have a lot of technical features that go along with it as well. Our shoemaking history and expertise always allow us to combine these two aspects. Comfort is never compromised for technical features.

TGW: As a European shoemaker, what does ECCO do to ensure the best possible fit with sizing differences that exist?

DIXON: Compared to North American sizing, European sizing is full sizes and traditionally there aren’t half sizes offered. ECCOs fit differently in that we are snug in the heel and instep and roomy in the forefoot. This allows most people to fit comfortably into a pair of ECCOs, even if they are in between sizes. Many of our shoes, including the Cage, have a removable inlay sole, which offers the option of extra width. This gives players the ability to now adjust the width of their shoes and create that half size that they may feel comfortable needing.