adidas tour360 boostFor adidas, the Tour360 Boost golf shoe was a monumental success, as players of all ability levels, including the likes of Dustin Johnson and Sergio Garcia, made it their shoe of choice.

In fact, according to Masun Denison, Global Director for adidas Golf Footwear, Tour360 Boost catapulted adidas to the top of the golf shoe market for the first time in company history.

With success, however, comes new challenges, something that adidas was well aware of as it set out to create the new Tour360 2.0.

“Tour360 is obviously our most iconic product,” Denison said. “Our challenge was we know we have something that’s really good. What can we do to make this even better without making a whole new shoe, because we don’t want to risk losing that consumer.”

The process of creating 2.0 started with gathering as much feedback as possible about the things touring professionals and recreational golfers alike might change about the original Tour360 Boost.

And as Denison said, “That process started from everywhere. Our motto is to cast the biggest net you can.”

The feedback that the adidas design team received led to some cosmetic changes first and foremost to Boost 2.0 when compared to its predecessor.

Gone is the stripe that existed on the toe in the original iteration, and a number of Tour players were among those who advocated for that particular change.

“Aesthetically, if you just start with the upper, there was a lot of conversation about the toe,” Denison said. “There were some who said if you had just gone with a clean toe it would eliminate distraction (at address). So with Boost 2.0 we decided to go with a clean toe.”

Also gone is the S Curve heel design that was utilized in the original Tour360 Boost, technology that was adopted from several of adidas’ most popular running shoes. A more traditional heel is now in place, as well as new lining in the heel portion of the shoe.

“We removed the S Curve heel, and this is a major change,” Denison said. “Some people didn’t like it because their pants would get caught in it when they walked. We also had some issues with the heel wearing through. We’ve added a full premium leather lining in the heel, and leather is the most durable lining there is.”

While those changes will be most evident visually in Boost 2.0, there have also been technical upgrades made as well to improve performance and comfort.

First, the TPU top plate now wraps higher on the shoe in the saddle and heel areas to improve stability during the swing. It’s also, however, more flexible, which equates to increased comfort.

“We have a whole new outsole top plate,” Denison said. ‘So the upper half is completely new. It’s thicker at the base and thinner at the top, so it’s less rigid.”

That design change has also made Boost 2.0 lighter than its predecessor, which is likely to appeal to walkers.

“It’s a little bit lighter, a couple percent,” Denison added. “We saved weight where we could. It’s also a little bit more balanced now in terms of the weighting.”

Also likely to appeal to walkers is that the TPU used in the outsole design of 2.0 has been altered from a composition standpoint to improve flexibility, which was an area that adidas wanted to address based on the feedback it received.

The increased flexibility, however, does not come at the expense of the stability that Tour360 Boost provides during the swing.

“For some people, Tour360 Boost was too rigid when they were walking,” Dension explained. “That was the feedback we got from Sergio. We used a softer density TPU (with Boost 2.0) so the whole shoe flexes a little bit easier. The outside perimeter is always thicker and firmer no matter what and the inside is always a little bit softer, but we used different combinations and the result is that we improved linear flexibility without losing lateral stability.”

The new Boost 2.0 will continue to utilize some of the features that have made the Tour360 franchise so popular.

Most notable on that list is the use of proprietary Boost midsole foam throughout the shoe, which creates incredible energy return and comfort.

Additionally, Boost 2.0 will again utilize adidas’ revolutionary Torsion Tunnel, which provides exceptional arch support, as well as independent flexibility in the forefoot and heel.

And finally, as one would expect, Tour360 2.0 features a premium leather upper that offers a clean, classic look, impressive durability, and a soft, supple feel. It also comes with a two-year waterproof guarantee.

With the redesign complete, a process that took a lot of time and work, is Denison as excited about Boost 2.0 as he was about the original?

The answer is a resounding yes.

“We believe it’s the best performing golf shoe on the market,” Denison said. “It’s our premium product. Forget all the technology. If you want something that you don’t have to worry about, that always works, always looks good, always feels good, and that will last, this is the shoe for you. We have a great team, a team that’s dedicated to making the best products on the market. Our team has so much experience, and Boost 2.0 is the best we can do.”