By now, you’ve seen the new adidas Tour360 Boost 2.0 golf shoes on the feet of some of the best golfers in the world. It’s even the preferred golf shoe of Dustin Johnson. Last year saw the return of the Tour360 design with the addition of Boost Foam Technology. It immediately became an incredibly popular golf shoe both on professional tours and on golf courses all over. Known for its comfort, cushioning and unmatched stability, golfers everywhere were raving about the design. Then it came time for another generation. When adidas was designing the Tour360 2.0 golf shoes, Johnson’s advice was “don’t change a thing.”

So how do you take a shoe that took the golf world by storm and improve upon it? That’s what we set out to find. We got our hands on a pair to try on and review.


When we opened the box, we found a classic golf shoe with the right amount of modern twist to maximize style and performance. “Traditional yet sporty” is a great way to describe the look. The biggest change to the look in the 2.0 version is the removal of the line that extended to the toe of the shoe on last year’s model. The result is a cleaner look, especially when you’re standing over the golf ball.

Next, the feel of these golf shoes are made with premium leather uppers for a soft and durable feeling shoe. It is worth noting that the leather features climaproof Technology so your feet will stay dry in any weather. They come with a two-year waterproof warranty. That leather contributes to that clean, classic look we noted above.

Once you put these shoes on, you immediately notice the cushion and support created by the Boost foam technology is very noticeable. We’ve raved about Boost before and this shoe is no different. Boost Foam units are placed in both the heel and forefoot to provide energized comfort in every step. The cushioning and energy return provided by this revolutionary technology continues to be a must-have for golfers, especially if you prefer to walk the golf course. adidas also updated the collar of the shoe with a more traditional shape and leather construction for a comfortable, durable fit.

adidas tour360 boost 2.0 golf shoesAnother thing golfers will love about Tour360 Boost 2.0 is the fit. The platform is wider for more stability and reshaped to match the anatomical fit of the foot. This means the overall volume inside the shoe has been increased for you have more room for lateral movement in a sport like golf that requires it. You get a more true-to-size fit without worrying about being between sizes. We recommend ordering your traditional shoe size and these will fit perfectly.

Finally, let’s talk about stability and traction. Tour360 Boost 2.0 stands out with its unique all-around wrap design. This structure supports the arch and midfoot all the way around to stabilize the foot throughout the golf swing. In the 2.0 model, adidas has taken the TPU plate in this wrap and extended it farther up the foot for even greater stability. This also allows the heel and forefoot to flex and work independently for greater control and range of motion. You’ll really notice this every time you swing a club. When you get these shoes on, you notice you’re immediately gripping the ground. The traction on the Tour360 2.0 can best be described as aggressive. First, there are 10 replaceable thintech cleats (six on the forefoot and four on the heel) for the spiked traction you need. Then, adidas included secondary traction lugs up the middle of the outsole as well as around the edges. With this type of grip and stability, it’s virtually impossible to swing out of your shoes while you’re wearing these.

Minimal changes aside, adidas packed the Tour360 2.0 golf shoe with premium performance, impressive stability and the energized comfort synonymous with the Boost line. For golfers who want waterproof protection, spiked traction and the stability to grip and rip it, you should try this shoe. Global Director of Golf Footwear Masun Denison sums it up by saying “Forget all the technology. If you want something that you don’t have to worry about, that always works, always looks good, always feels good, and that will last, this is the shoe for you.”