Technology is everywhere and the golf course is no different. There are standalone GPS units, GPS watches, voice GPS units, laser rangefinders, and distance measuring devices that adjust for slope. Bushnell just introduce their new Hybrid Rangefinder that does both! We’ll discuss how GPS units and rangefinders are both designed to help you play better golf, then show you why Bushnell’s new all-in-one device gives you the best of both worlds.

GPS Benefits

A GPS unit is designed to provide you with distances and course layouts to make planning your shots easier. The makers of these devices have mapped and measured golf courses all over the world to take the guesswork out of your game.

  • A wealth of information – A fully-featured GPS gives you maximum information while you play. You get distances to the green, hazards, and layup locations. It will even show you the layout of the hole and green so you can easily plan your next shot.
  • Versatility – GPS units come in a variety of models. There are handheld units, watches, compact GPS that clips on your belt or hat, and even voice units that let you hear distances at the push of a button. With so many convenient options, every golfer is sure to find a GPS that fits the way they play. Whether it’s on your wrist, in your pocket or golf bag, or clipped onto your hat, you’ll always have the information you need handy.
  • Rechargeable batteries – Today’s GPS units are rechargeable and they last multiple rounds before you need to charge them. There is no added expense of buying replacement batteries.
  • Bonus features – Many of these models give you the added bonus of extra features that aren’t necessarily related to golf but make your life easier on the course. Some units will track your activity and steps to help meet your fitness goals. Others will sync to your smartphone via Bluetooth technology so you never miss an important email, call, or text.

Rangefinder Benefits

Rangefinders are made to be point-and-shoot aids for your golf game. No matter where you are on the course, the laser technology can instantly provide you with a reading to any target you want for a truly accurate experience.

  • Any Distance to Any Target – Rangefinders are versatile in their own way. With a laser device, you can get the distance to literally any target on the golf course. Whether you need the yardage to the flag, a bunker, the water hazard, or the tree on a dogleg, all you have to do is point and shoot then pick your club.
  • Accuracy This is the biggest benefit of having a laser rangefinder. When you need to have the most precise yardage for your next shot, the laser rangefinder is the tool for you. The majority of rangefinders available are accurate to within a yard, with some manufacturers promising even greater accuracy.
  • Perfect Practice – Whether you’re checking distances on the range or playing a practice round before a tournament, laser rangefinders help you map the course for every possible shot with distance to any target.
  • Use It Anywhere – This is a major difference between rangefinders and GPS devices. While a GPS depends on which courses have been measured and mapped, you can use a rangefinder on any and all golf courses. You can even use it off the golf course for a number of other hobbies!
  • Slope – Many rangefinders come with a slope feature. Slope measures the change in elevation between two places, in this instance, where your ball is and your target. Distance varies depending on whether you’re hitting uphill or downhill. Knowing these compensated distances allows you to more accurately select a club because you know precisely how far you need to hit your next shot.

Meet The Bushnell Hybrid

Each of these golf electronics has its pros and cons. The GPS and laser rangefinder each do some things that the other can’t. It truly comes down to personal preference. Once you weigh the benefits of each type of device against each other, you’ll have to decide which features are most important to the way you play golf. You also need to decide which best fits your budget. Both come in a range of price points which the standalone GPS generally being the cheaper option. But what if you didn’t have to pick? Thanks to Bushnell, you don’t have to!

The Bushnell Hybrid Rangefinder is the first combination rangefinder and GPS unit with a fully integrated display that shows you both rangefinder and GPS distances through the viewer. Let’s take a deeper look at all the things this device can do.

  • Its laser feature allows you to shoot the flag up to 400 yards with accuracy to within a yard.
  • Once you’ve got your target, you’ll see the laser distance as well as GPS distances to the front, back, and center of the green.
  • There’s also a GPS readout on the side of the unit to show you those distances at a glance.
  • The GPS also displays distances to up to four hazards per hole.
  • Bushnell’s signature JOLT Technology gently pulses the device in your hand to confirm you’re locked onto your target. This feature is a favorite among golfers.
  • The GPS comes pre-loaded with 36,000+ courses in 30 countries all over the world. Through GPS signal, it automatically detects what course your on and advances around the golf course with you.
  • It also connects to the Bushnell golf app on your smartphone via Bluetooth technology to quickly and easily update golf courses with no fees and no subscriptions.
  • The Hybrid does not provide slope distances so it is completely legal for tournament play as well.

This view is an example of the dual readout the Bushnell Hybrid offers.

More Options From Bushnell

Bushnell has several other options if you’re looking to fit your budget or just prefer to have a GPS or rangefinder separately. If you prefer a GPS, we recommend the Bushnell Phantom. It’s compact and lightweight with an easy-to-read display and features a BITE magnetic mount so you can stick it to your cart and never worry about where you left it! If you’re looking for a rangefinder with slope capabilities, then check out the Bushnell Pro X2. It’s accurate to within a half-yard, comes equipped with JOLT Technology, and features the new Slope Switch. With just the flip of a switch, you can get the slope measurements you want and then turn slope off when it’s time for a tournament.