In early March, when TGW staff members made the trip West for exclusive access to TaylorMade’s headquarters in Calrsbad, California, we also wanted to get the inside scoop on the new adidas TOUR360 BOOST golf shoes.

Designers at adidas had a specific intention in mind when it came to the TOUR360 BOOST. They wanted to take the popular franchise and give it a technological facelift 10 years after introducing 360 to the golf market. What specifically did that vision involve for the consumer? The goal was to create a premium golf shoe that provided unmatched performance and comfort.


adidas Men's Tour360 Boost Golf Shoes

As part of our day at TaylorMade, we had four TGW customers join us to test the company’s 2016 club offerings at The Kingdom, TaylorMade’s renowned fitting and performance center.

After several hours of hitting balls that afternoon, there was a surprise waiting for our customers in the form of a brand new pair of BOOST golf shoes. They also received a presentation about th e new shoe from Denison himself, who explained, among other things, that premium, full-grain leather was used to create the upper portion of the shoe and that it features a two-year waterproof warranty.

He added that golfers can expect, because of the softness of the premium leather, that 360 BOOST will “break in” a bit after time, so the shoes should fit “snug” at purchase. But he also said not to be concerned about wearing them right away.

“We always talk about EOB, 18 holes out of the box,” Denison said. “We make sure through our testing processes that when we go to retail with a product, our goal is the consumer can take it out of the box, put it on, and go out and play 18 holes that day with no blisters.”

Also of note from Denison, there are 10 spikes on the bottom of the BOOST, more than most companies offer, which improves torsion control and provides tremendous grip during the swing.

Also implemented was the S-Curve Heel, which was inspired by running shoes. It keeps the shoe from digging into the back of the foot even when walking up or down hills, as it will sit slightly away from the heel to maintain comfort.

After hitting balls for several hours in the shoes they brought with them, our testers immediately praised the comfort level when they tried on their new shoes, which didn’t come as a surprise to Denison.

“The energy return of BOOST is about 85 percent,” he said, adding that most shoes typically offer energy returns of 55-60 percent. “You’re getting more back with every step, you’re getting more return to your body, and that gives you a springy feel when you’re walking, which everyone loves. And it also equates to more comfort.”

While the positive first impressions provided us with some insight, we were interested in more detailed feedback about whether or not adidas had accomplished all of its goals with BOOST, so we sent our customers home and asked them to put the new shoes to work on the golf course.


adidas Men's Tour360 Boost Golf ShoesHaving given them some time to get a few rounds under their belts, we reached back out to our testers this week to get more thoughts on the TOUR360 BOOST. The results were overwhelmingly positive.

“I have at least ten rounds under my feet with the BOOST,” said Mike, a 9-handicapper. “It’s a great-looking shoe. Out of the box, they were very comfortable.”

Mike, however, said his favorite aspect of the 360 BOOST was the stability the shoe provided, adding “I play early in the mornings and the ground is often wet. There’s no slipping or coming out of my shoes with these. At 6-foot-4 and 275 pounds, I’m not exactly petite, and BOOST supports me very nicely.”

Chris, a 1-handicapper, echoed Mike’s thoughts about the increased stability that he was enjoying since switching to the TOUR360 BOOST. “It’s hard to even explain how comfortable these shoes are, even after playing 18 holes, but they also provide so much stability when walking or hitting shots,” he said. “That probably is what stands out to me the most, just how stable I feel over the ball and during my swing with this shoe.”

But Chris also had one other compliment for the 360 BOOST, adding that, “One of my other favorite things about them is that the spikes don’t tear up the greens. I hate it when I see someone’s shoes leaving tracks all over the greens, and I have no issues with mine even when the greens are wet or soft. I would highly recommend this shoe to anybody.”

Also willing to recommend the new adidas shoe to just about anyone was 15-handicapper Neal. “The thing that strikes me the most about the TOUR360 BOOST shoe is that, for such a full-featured shoe, it is amazingly light,” he said “It supports every part of the foot before and during the golf shot. My hat is off to adidas for creating a golf shoe that combines total comfort, support, and the classic golf shoe look.”

Neal then offered up just about the highest praise possible, concluding that in his personal opinion, “They are the best golf shoes ever.”