adidas Powerband BOA Boost Golf Shoes

adidas Powerband BOA Boost golf shoesNew for 2017, adidas has brought back their popular Powerband design. The adidas Powerband BOA Boost golf shoes mark a new generation of comfort and construction from the company. These shoes are designed for maximum stability and locked-in fit while providing the incredible cushioned comfort and energy return of Boost Foam Technology.

A new L6 Boa closure system is positioned on the tongue to give you a micro-adjustable, custom fit that never comes loose or needs tightened during a round. The stability really comes through in the new POWERCAGE saddle. The soft wires of the Boa closure system are connected to the saddle by the 360LOOP guides. You’ll also find a trio of unique foams to provide a one-of-a-kind comfort experience. First, there is Boost Foam in the mid-sole to create a soft, springy feel underfoot with unmatched energy return and great comfort.

Next, bounce foam in the forefoot is soft and durable for long-lasting comfort. Finally, adidas uses fitfoam in the sock liner for greater support with comfort and cushioning. The spiked outsole of the Powerband BOA Boost golf shoes features a new thintech cleat design. New low profile thintech EXP cleats offer stability and traction with durable green-friendly grip. Secondary lugs are placed in strategic locations to add traction on all terrain. There’s also a new fit that golfers will love. adidas has designed a new competition last that increases the overall volume of the shoe by widening the forefoot to allow the toes to spread for comfort and stability.

When we tried these shoes on, we immediately noticed the extra room in the toe box with the new competition last. Our reviewer wears a size 11.5 medium and instantly felt the added fit. The toes spread naturally to give you a more stable base that you can really feel. This was our reviewer’s first time trying on a shoe with Boa as well. The improvement in fit and stability is instant. By connecting the L6 Boa closure to the new POWERCAGE saddle, the entire foot feels locked into the shoe and you can swing with confidence.This shoe feels comfortable when that custom fit is locked in. Combined with the leather upper, this feel and fit of the Powerband BOA Boost golf shoes is nothing less than premium. They’re built to be durable and include a two year waterproof warranty.

These shoes are not short on comfort. Three unique adidas foam technologies combine to make walking in these shoes feel better than ever. Boost Foam in the heel provides cushioning with every step and returns more energy to keep you going. You can feel the boost in your step with a lightweight, padded heel. The forefoot is made softer with bounce foam that softens the step and feels durable. You never worry about the cushioning letting you down. A fitfoam sockliner places cushioning directly under the foot inside the shoe for soft cushioning in every movement. Moving to the bottom of the shoe, there is grip built in here that feels stable enough to support the hardest swings.

The new thintech cleats are low profile, bringing you closer to the ground and truly connecting you to the turf. The outsole also includes secondary lugs that bring some of the benefits of a spikeless outsole and combines them with the six spike design for maximum green-friendly traction.

One last detail is the padded tab up the back of the shoe. It felt a little weird to us at first as it extends up past the heel, but as you walk, that extra padding the Achilles area is really nice to have. If you like spiked grip on the golf course, the fit and comfort of the new adidas Powerband BOA Boost golf shoes are must-have for the new season.

adidas Adipower Boost 3 Golf Shoes

adidas Adipower Boost 3 Golf ShoesThe adidas golf shoe that brought Boost Foam Technology to the golf course in 2015 is here in its third generation. The 2017 adipower 3 golf shoes come in two outsole choices, the adidas adipower Boost 3 being the traditional spiked version and the adipower S Boost 3 featuring a spikeless outsole.

These shoes have plenty of new features for the new season, including the new adidas competition last, greater stability and energy transfer, plus much more comfort. Let’s take a closer look as we tried them on to let you know how they perform. The overall theme of these shoes, and then entire 2017 adidas golf shoe family, is the improved fit.

You notice it as soon as you slip your foot inside. adidas’s new competition last uses a wider forefoot than they’ve built in the past along with a slightly rounded toe. This design increases the volume of the shoe to provide more comfort to more golfers. That extra room also allows the toes to spread as they naturally want to do, creating a more stable base while walking and swinging a golf club. That’s just the beginning of the comfort packed into these shoes.

adidas has combined three of the foam technologies in these shoes for comfort, cushioning and support like never before. It all starts in the heel and mid-foot with Boost Foam. These TPU capsules are heated up to fuse them together and create a lightweight layer of cushioning and unmatched energy return. Boost feels seriously springy underfoot and makes these shoes incredibly comfortable to walk in.

Bounce foam in the forefoot creates a more durable, long-lasting cushioning layer with soft comfort. As you walk and place your foot on the ground heel to toe, you feel the transition between these two technologies that softens the step and returns energy back through the foot. Finally, fitfoam is included in two locations on both the adipower Boost 3 and adipower S Boost 3. The sock liner is made with fitfoam for cushioned comfort and added support and it’s also included in the collar of the shoe. This extra padding in the ankle area feels great and doesn’t rub as you walk.

There’s one more incredibly unique feature included in both the spiked and spikeless adipower Boost 3 golf shoes. On the outside of each shoe is a structure that stands out from the rest of the upper in color and design that adidas calls the Energy Sling. adidas says this helps guide the transfer of energy through the foot and prevent power leaks, especially as you swing. It does help the shoe feel more stable and keeps you locked in through a golf swing. adidas Adipower Boost 3 Golf Shoes SpikelessWhile the main features of these shoes are similar, there are some differences that may factor into choosing the right model for you.

First is the adipower Boost 3 which is the spiked version. This shoe features a six-spike TPU outsole along with secondary lugs that you’d see on a spikeless shoe for serious traction. The adipower Boost 3 golf shoes use the new thintech EXP cleats for a low-profile base. By bringing you lower to the ground, it’s adds stability and grip. The upper is made with climaproof stretch microfiber leather. This material is extremely easy to care for and looks like a more traditional golf shoe. It also comes with a two year waterproof warranty.

The adipower S Boost 3 is the spikeless model. An adidas puremotion outsole uses adiwear traction lugs to give you stability and grip as well as the versatility to wear these shoes on and off the golf course. The upper of the S Boost 3 golf shoes looks sportier as well. It’s made with one piece of textile material that’s more flexible than its spiked cousin. Bonded TPU welds and a unique overlay provide climastorm protection from the weather with a one year waterproof warranty.

The choice between these shoes really comes down to whether you prefer the grip of replaceable spikes or the versatility of spikeless golf shoes. Both adipower 3 models fit great, especially true to size with the new wider forefoot design. adidas is making a major point of making sure their customers are aware of the new competition last, calling it out right on the box and urging golfers to try their new, more natural fit.

With Boost Foam, the cushioning and energy return of these shoes are second to none. If you’re looking for fit and feel together, adipower Boost 3 or adipower S Boost 3 is the shoe for you. The only thing left to do is decide: spiked or spikeless?

adidas Crossknit BOOST Golf Shoes

adidas Crossknot Boost Golf ShoesIn 2012, adidas introduced a new technology for their running shoes called BOOST. BOOST was created by taking many TPU particles and heating them up to fuse them together. The result was a cushioning system that was lightweight and returned more energy back into the legs with every step.

BOOST Foam Technology changed the game for runners that preferred adidas. Just a couple years later in 2014, BOOST made its way to the basketball court. Some of the biggest stars in the NBA were wearing adidas basketball shoes with BOOST Foam for high energy return and superior cushioning. Come 2015, adidas brought BOOST Foam to a whole new arena: the golf course.

The adipower BOOST golf shoes were the first golf shoe to feature the endless energy return and lightweight cushioning and comfort for golfers. Now we have the newest BOOST Foam styles in the adidas Crossknit BOOST and Powerband BOA BOOST golf shoes. The BOOST Foam mid-sole runs the full length of the shoe to provide maximum energy return and under foot cushioning. The new CircleKnit upper is built specifically for golf. adidas designed this upper to provide a combination of stretch performance, breathable comfort and lateral stability.

There’s a cloudfoam sock liner as well that adidas uses for lightweight cushioning and comfort inside the shoe. The Crossknit BOOST is also a spikeless golf shoe so you get the added versatility of on and off course wear. To find out how the latest BOOST golf shoe really works, we had to try them on. Directly out of the box, they fit true to size. We tried on an 11.5 in medium width and the shoes were exactly as expected.

These shoes feel a little different when your first put them on because they are tongue-less. This makes them easy to pull on and they feel incredibly locked-down when you tie them. There’s a collar around the top of the shoe made with adidas’s fitfoam for an extra padded, comfortable feel. This is great for golfers who like to walk as it softens the contact point around the foot and shoe with soft, padded comfort. The full length BOOST Foam mid-sole is the real deal. You can feel an added spring in your step as you walk.

It’s a lightweight feel that helps push you forward and absorbs contact when you feet hit the ground. The breathable CircleKnit upper adds cool comfort that golfers will truly appreciate when the weather warms up. The shoes also never felt unstable. Internal reinforcement combines with a heel counter and extended saddle sling that keeps you stable when walking and swinging a golf club. The puremotion outsole provides a good amount of traction points with the ground for a good spikeless grip as well.