Laser rangefinders have been Bushnell’s bread and butter since its foray into the golf market just over 15 years ago, but in recent years the company also has ramped up its efforts when it comes to GPS devices.

New for 2017 is the Excel GPS Golf Watch, and it’s a product that Bushnell believes is going to meet the needs of a wide array of golfers.

“We’re really excited about (Excel),” said Bushnell Golf Product Specialist John Novosel. “It’s got all the simplicity that you’ve come to love with Bushnell GPS. If you want, you can just go play. Just turn it on and go play. It’s very simple to use, but there’s also some other really great features.”

As a GPS golf watch, the Excel has everything that a golfer needs from an information standpoint on the course.

Bushnell Excel Golf GPS WatchIt comes with more than 35,000 preloaded courses, and its vivid, easy-to-read display screens offer yardages to the front, center, and back of every green, as well as up to four hazard distances for each hole.

Additionally, the Excel provides an automatic brightness adjustment feature for its displays, as well as auto course recognition and hole advance. It also delivers exceptional battery life, as golfers can expect to play three full rounds before having to recharge their device.

Also of note, Bushnell’s highly popular golf app comes with the purchase of the Excel GPS Golf Watch, and among its capabilities are swing analysis statistics, aerial layout views and distances for the golf holes you’ll play, scorekeeping options, and the ability to book tee times.

All of those features, however, are just the starting point for the Excel, which also utilizes Bluetooth integration to pair easily with a smartphone. That compatibility allows players to receive calls and messages on their watch, as well as weather reports and new course updates, with there being no charges for the latter or the need to use a computer for downloads.

The Excel also offers fitness tracking capability for players, it has the functionality to work as a stopwatch or alarm when needed, and it will track the tempo of your golf swing during a round to provide valuable feedback if you start hitting a few loose shots.

Also noteworthy is that Bushnell engineers went to significant lengths to ensure that as a watch the Excel provided golfers with exceptional comfort while they’re playing, which has been accomplished by making the device both lightweight and thin.

And finally, players also have three color options to choose from, as the Excel is available in black, white, and charcoal.

“It’s our best band we’ve ever done,” Novosel said. “It’s very comfortable. It looks good, it feels good, and it’s really got a lot of cool features.”