Aesthetic beauty, exceptional feel, incredible performance, and the ability to make your playing companions green with envy. We’re talking about Scotty Cameron putters, of course, which could be likened to high-end sports cars on some levels. Equally impressive about Scotty Cameron designed putters, beyond the way they look, feel, and perform, is the immense amount of work that goes into every putter from a fitting standpoint. And that’s especially true when it comes to letting players know which models will work best for their strokes. To help players better understand the various offerings, Scotty Cameron putters basically fall under the umbrellas of three different families: Select, GOLO, and Futura. And with some limited exceptions, the different models within each family will all work well for a specific putting stroke.


More specifically, Select putters, which include the classic Newport blade designs, are intended for players who putt using a stroke that features an arc.

The majority of the styles in the GOLO line, meanwhile, are designed to work well with strokes that feature only a slight arc, although the GOLO 3 and GOLO 5 DB, will work well with a more pronounced arc and a straight back, straight through motion, respectively.

And finally, the different options in the Futura lineup are all face balanced, meaning they’ve been designed to work best with more of a straight back, straight through putting stroke.


Making it easy to understand all of the available options is that within the specs of each putter at the Scotty Cameron website there are “Toe Flow” designations of either Maximum, Medium, Near Minimum, or Minimum to help players make the right choice for their game.

And if you’re going to make the commitment to get everything that comes with a high-end Scotty Cameron putter, getting a style that fits your putting stroke only makes sense.