Srixon’s Soft Feel golf ball was designed to make the game easier for players who need help in controlling their golf ball on the course. Achieving that goal began with a ball that spins less, allowing offline shots to end up closer to the fairway or green by reducing sidespin.

Of course, less spin also means more distance off the tee, and Srixon would categorize the Soft Feel as a true “distance” ball. This is, however, a low compression ball that will perform best for players with moderate or slower swing speeds, and golfers can expect extremely soft feel on full shots and shots played from around or on the greens.

Said Jeff Brunski, Srixon/Cleveland Golf Director of Research and Development, “This is a two-piece golf ball but it features our Srixon core technology that helps it play like a three-piece. Ultimately, that construction is going to give you a lot of distance and probably more importantly more forgiveness. This is a straighter golf ball.”

The Soft Feel comes in Pure White and Tour Yellow, and there’s also a ladies version of the ball that’s available in Pure White.