With nearly 500 professional wins, including 78 on the PGA Tour, and almost $700 million in earnings thus far in this decade alone, Odyssey’s run of success has been simply remarkable. Equally impressive is that Odyssey putters have been just as or even more popular with recreational golfers of all ability levels. There are a number of reasons why Odyssey has fared so well.

Included in that list is the ample forgiveness that its putters provide, as well as the number of different head designs offered to players to help them bettermatch up their putter and putting stroke What Odyssey has probably been best known for through the years, however, are the various face inserts it has produced, almost all of which have delivered incredibly soft feel.

In 2016, Odyssey had great success with the Works family of putters, but it wanted to revamp that line with changes that would improve feel and performance, and the result is the new O-Works family. “(O-Works) is new for 2017 and it’s the follow-on to our Odyssey Works product,” said Austie Rollinson, Odyssey Chief Designer. “We wanted to take it up a notch and get back some of our original White Hot feel. We wanted to get it a little softer and do it a little differently, how the metal works with the urethane.”


The Works line featured Odyssey’s Fusion RX face insert, which was created by covering a soft White Hot insert with a thin layer of stainless steel mesh. The result was an incredibly true roll but feel that was a bit firmer than what had made Odyssey so popular through the years.

Given that the stainless steel and the urethane used in creating the White Hot insert both had tremendous value, Odyssey began exploring ways to use them together more effectively, and the result is the brand new Microhinge Face Insert that’s being utilized in the O-Works line.

“What we did is, we basically co-molded these microhinges into the urethane and what that does is it exposes more of the urethane and you get more of that legendary White Hot feel that you know from Odyssey,”Rollinson said.

So how exactly are the microhinges constructed and what do they accomplish as it relates to improved performance on the greens?

“All these little hinges are built and suspended on these little nubs of the urethane,” Rollinson explained. “What that does is it enables the ball to contact more of the metal in those hinges to put more forward roll on it. We have double the forward roll that we had on Fusion RX in this, so it’s going to roll better and it’s going to feel better.”

From a performance standpoint, by creating more forward roll, less skidding occurs at impact, with the end result being that players can expect more consistent results in terms of distance and speed control.

Also back from Odyssey as it relates to the O-Works family is Versa Alignment Technology, as high contrast sightlines have been utilized in the various head designs to help players set up properly and get the ball started on their intended line.

And, as always is the case, Odyssey has a wide variety of styles for players to choose from, including the highly popular Two-Ball and #7 head designs.

“We have about eleven options in the line,” Rollinson said, adding that they wanted to keep the number manageable for consumers. “We’ve got just the ones that we know are the big hits, the best sellers, and then a few new ones as well to keep it interesting.”


One of the new models for 2017 is the R-Line, which is a mid-sized mallet design that was created specifically based off feedback from Tour players. As a face-balanced putter, the R-Line will work best for players who utilize a straight back, straight through putting stroke.

Also new are versions that feature a Red or Black finish. They have been incorporated into the O-Works family based on requests from numerous Tour players.

Additionally, some new head designs were introduced with the new finishes, including the #7S, which takes the popular #7 head design and utilizes a slant-neck hosel to allow for more toe flow to help players with more arcing strokes.

With the exception of the Tank #1 and #7 models, which are counterbalanced and come at 35 or 38 inches in length and with SuperStroke Tank grips, O-Works putters are available at 33, 34, and 35 inches in length and with either a SuperStroke Slim 2.0 or SuperStroke Pistol GT Tour grip.