ECCO Cool 18 GTX Golf ShoesECCO golf shoes made their name with spikeless golf shoes. For years, they’ve been providing golfers with comfortable, great fitting shoes that deliver incredible versatility thanks to the spikeless outsole. Now spikeless golf shoes are a common sight on any golf course. ECCO never stopped looking toward the future of spikeless technology and now they’re changing the game again.

The new ECCO Cago Pro golf shoes introduce a brand new spikeless outsole: Spydr Grip. “We wanted to continue our innovation with design and performance technology and this is really that next generation of spikeless performance,” said Eric Meyer, ECCO Key Account Manager. “This is ECCO taking hybrids to a new level of performance.”

The first thing you notice when looking at this new outsole is the pivot points all over the bottom of these shoes. These “spikes” are strategically placed to give you the ideal grip when swinging a golf club by using anatomical information to match the way the foot moves. The spacing between these points is also a little bit bigger to work with the web design to prevent clogging which also improves traction. According to Thomas Dixon, Product Manager of Golf & Sport at ECCO, “The Spydr-Grip outsole follows the natural pivot points on your foot, which allows for a more natural movement when swinging. The design of each individual grip point improves on the surface contact with the ground, creating outstanding traction.”

The Spydr Grip outsole is also made out of thermoplastic polyurethane, or TPU, for amazingly durable performance. With the aggressive design of the nubs, ECCO designed these shoes for greater, long-lasting traction. “Most of our competitors are using EVA and rubber, so this is very, very durable. This will last five times longer than rubber,” said Meyer.

The innovation doesn’t just end on the bottom of the shoe. Another ECCO feature is the cage feature on the heel. This is an integrated TPU shank on the back of the shoe that matches the shape of the foot. The combination of material and anatomically correct fit provides greater stability and support through the golf swing. Dixon says, “The PU heel Cage adds enough support for a golfer as they pivot and shift their weight during the golf swing. A common issue is for people to roll over too much and lose their stability (power). The Cage adjusts for that and gives the player more leverage to finish their swing. PU is a material that does have some give to it so the Cage is not uncomfortably stiff. It also always comes back to its original shape, so you don’t have to worry about it collapsing over time.”

ECCO is also producing a version of the Cage Pro with a Boa closure system. This allows you to make microscopic adjustments to the fit of your shoes and lock that fit in. Unlike laces, the Boa system does not come loose over time so you never need to adjust your fit during a round of golf. “The consumer has responded that this is something that they want,” Meyer told us.

The staples of ECCO comfort are all here in the Cage Pro as well. Hydromax-treated leather uppers create waterproof protection through the entire shoe, guaranteed for up to a year. There’s also ECCO’s one-width-fits-all design of Freedom Fit. ECCO designs their shoes with a roomier toe box and narrower heel. This allows the toes to spread naturally to support your weight and provide a more stable base. And nothing is more important to the golf swing than stability.