Known as the innovator of the spikeless golf shoe, ECCO is changing the game once again with the new Biom Hybrid 3. We’re here to break down all the features in the Biom 3 including the new Tri-Fi outsole, Gore-Tex construction, and Biom Natural Motion Technology.

We start with ECCO’s latest spikeless outsole. The new Tri-Fi grip outsole is the third spikeless technology ECCO offers. This unique design features three different zones to provide you the performance you need from the backswing to the follow through. The first zone is a stability zone. Located on the lateral side of the sole, it’s meant to keep your feet stable through the entire golf swing. The second zone makes up the middle of the sole and is the durability zone. It’s made for walking comfort and extends the life of the sole where it’s prone to wear out the quickest. Slim, rounded lugs make up the third zone, called the rotational zone. These lugs are designed to make rotation quick and easy to create your best swing.

This third generation is also the first Biom Hybrid to include ECCO’s GORE-TEX construction. GORE-TEX makes the shoe completely waterproof yet breathable, so outside moisture can’t get in and natural moisture on the inside can still escape. The Biom Hybrid 3 is made with yak leather uppers for strength, breathability, and soft feel. ECCO’s leather is treated with their Hydromax Technology to keep the uppers breathable and strong by preventing the leather from hardening when it gets wet and then dries. Add it all together and you have a 100% waterproof golf shoe with a three-year guarantee.


The real comfort in this shoe comes from the Biom Natural Motion Technology. Biom stands for biomechanical optimization. ECCO studies the biomechanics of how the foot naturally moves by scanning the feet of 2,500 athletes. By studying the natural curves of the foot, they’re able to produce a perfect glove-like fit. Biom shoes are built low to the ground for even better stability by allowing the foot to react naturally with the terrain. Keeping a golfer lower to the ground creates more power and stability to really enhance the golf swing from the base up.

Golfers have three big reasons to make the Biom Hybrid 3 their next golf shoes: the new spikeless grip outsole, 100% waterproof construction with GORE-TEX, and natural, comfortable fit and motion. ECCO is famous for their fit, feel, and performance. Golfers who try them often come back for another pair. With the new Biom Hybrid 3, there’s no better time than now to get yourself a pair of ECCO golf shoes.