When TaylorMade introduced the original M2 irons, it was as if the public had been given a game-improvement iron on steroids.

The distance, forgiveness, and launch conditions that the M2 irons generated was simply incredible, and they quickly became a hit with recreational players of all ability levels.

If there was a knock on the original M2 iron, however, it was most often related to the look and feel of the club.

So when it came to redesigning the M2 irons for 2017, TaylorMade started by addressing those areas while also looking for ways to even further increase performance.

In terms of look, the new M2 irons have a much smaller profile than their predecessor, as they feature a 33 percent thinner topline and a blade height that’s seven percent shallower.

Feel has also been improved thanks to Geocoustic engineering, as 3-D dampening and an enhanced rib structure combine to deliver a softer feel and sound at impact.

Taylormade 2017 M2 Iron

Those changes, however, are only part of the story when it comes to the new M2 iron.

“What we wanted to do was take all of the benefit we had and add some more,” said Josh Dipert, TaylorMade Product Engineer for Irons. “Add even more speed, more height, but then include something new, which is greater consistency.”

As it relates to improved consistency, Face Slots have now been incorporated into the M2’s design, which helps maintain higher ball speeds on shots struck from the heel or toe.

Additionally, the Speed Pocket has been redesigned, as it’s now thinner and deeper to allow the clubface to flex more at impact for higher ball speeds. That speed is also better preserved on shots struck low on the face.

“It was really important to add Face Slots on the new M2,” Dipert said. “We’re able to give distance, height, and now forgiveness as well. With our testing on the new M2, we found that your off-center hits are not dropping off as far as it would be without Face Slots.”

Engineers have also utilized a lighter fluted hosel in the design, which enables a lower center of gravity for higher launch and more stability at impact, and a new bend slot has been positioned on the hosel to give players more flexibility in terms of adjusting lie angle to fit their needs.

“The M2 is really designed for every golfer out there,” said Tomo Bystedt, TaylorMade Senior Director of Global Irons. “It’s got forgiveness, it’s got distance, it’s easy to play. It’s got a great look and feel to it as well.”

TaylorMade will again be offering both steel and graphite stock shaft options in the M2 irons. The steel shaft will be the REAX 88 HL by FST, while the graphite option will be the M2 REAX, which will vary in weight between 55 and 75 grams depending on what flex is chosen. The stock grip will be the TaylorMade Dual Feel ribbed.

The new M2 irons will also be available for women and will come with TaylorMade Reax 45 graphite shafts and Winn Dual Feel grips.

Additionally, M2 irons are available as part of combo sets from TaylorMade that feature a combination of M2 irons and M2 rescue clubs. For men, set compositions can include either a 4- and 5-rescue and 6-iron through gap wedges or a 3- and 4-rescue and 5-iron through pitching wedge, while a women’s combo set includes the 4- and 5-rescues and 6-iron through sand wedge.