The number one name in golf balls kicks off 2018 with a brand new ball. Titleist’s new Tour Soft is here and it’s different than any ball they’ve made before. The story behind the design is a major one. We talked with Michael Fish, Titleist product manager, to get all the details.

Tour Soft is driven by the largest core Titleist has ever put in a golf ball. Think of the core of a ball like an engine in a car. The bigger you can make it, the more speed you can put into it. It’s all about making the golf ball as fast as possible. There’s also more room to include soft materials in the core to make it feel better. When you have a bigger core, the club interacts with the core more when you hit it. “This is the largest core we’ve ever put in a golf ball. The Tour Soft golfer wants the longest distance they can find with the softest feel they can get. It’s got a large core and a thin, soft cover,” said Fish.

Titleist Tour Soft golf ballThe cover on this ball is incredibly thin. It’s so thin that Titleist had to create a new process and technology in order to make it. Because the core is so large, it requires an extremely thin cover. The TCU Process Technology was developed in order to place such a thin cover uniformly around the core. As Fish described it, “Compression molding has to be done just right. It has to be done at the right temperature.

Inside the Tour Soft is their largest core for maximum speed. Outside, there’s the thinnest cover for great feel as well as responsive control around the green. But that’s not all. Titleist also created a brand new aerodynamics package to place on the ball. “Every ball has a different flight. Each package is applied to each construction to optimize flight. We choose the best package to optimize distance for that golf ball,” Fish told us.

Tour Soft’s trajectory is more of a penetrating flight. “It’s similar to the Pro V1,” Fish said.

The end product is an all new construction golf ball from Titleist. With the combination of their largest core and ultra-thin cover, Titleist is after the golfer who prioritizes feel and distance together while keeping cost in mind. If that sounds like a fit for your game, give Tour Soft a try in 2018. You’ll come away impressed.