Titleist Scotty Cameron & Crown PutterScotty Cameron isn’t the most popular putter designer in the world by accident. In addition to a lengthy track record of making exceptional putters, Cameron also has listened to his many loyal fans in terms of what they want.

And it was his dedication to the golfing public that led to the original release of the Cameron & Crown line in 2016, which featured putters that were designed to play at 33 inches.

“Each year, I’ve had increasingly more requests for 33-inch putters,”Cameron said. “(Cameron & Crown) was so well-received last year that we decided to offer four new models with this release.”

Some might wonder what the significance of a shorter putter is in terms of playability, and the answer is that it comes down to improving setup, which is a crucial component when it comes to having success on the greens.

A 33-inch putter can offer setup advantages for certain players, as it will allow them to get their eyes positioned correctly and/or give them the ability to let their arms hang naturally to better release the putter through impact.

As for the new models that are being offered as part of the Cameron & Crown line in 2017, Cameron dipped into his highly popular Select and Futura lines for the head shapes that were chosen.

Included will be the iconic Newport blade, the Newport Mallet 1, which is a mid-sized mallet design, and two high-MOI mallet designs in the Futura 5MB and 6M.

But the head designs are where the similarities end when it comes to Cameron & Crown.

“Each Cameron & Crown putter has been designed to be 33 inches in length at the proper weight with the correct grip,” Cameron said.

More specifically, Cameron & Crown putters utilize 20-gram heel and toe weights in the putter head to provide exceptional balance during the stroke, as well as enhanced forgiveness on mis-hits.

Additionally, each Cameron & Crown model features multi-material construction to offer exceptional feel and acoustics, and a Silver Mist finish has been utilized in each design to create classic, elegant aesthetics.

And finally, 2017 Cameron & Crown putters feature a standard size Scotty Cameron Gray Matador grip that was chosen to complement the entire package visually and provide feedback and feel throughout the stroke.