When it comes to irons, the super game-improvement space is one in which TaylorMade has had success through the years but also one in which TaylorMade doesn’t always have an entry.

The reason for the latter is pretty simple, according to Tomo Bystedt, TaylorMade Senior Director of Global Irons.

“We’ve been successful in the past with super game-improvement products, and it’s a category we sort of move in and out of,” Bystedt explained. “But we want to make sure that when we make irons that they have a purpose. We want irons that stand on their own.”

With its new M CGB irons, TaylorMade believes it has created an iron that’s unique to the marketplace and also a great complement to its M1 and M2 irons.

Taylormade CGB IronGolfers who are familiar with TaylorMade products through the years will likely remember the CGB name, most notably from the R7 CGB irons, which were incredibly popular thanks to the impressive combination of distance and forgiveness they provided.

The new M CGB irons will excel in those two areas as well, as engineers have established max COR through the set while also increasing MOI.

“If your goal as a golfer is to hit every club longer, this is the iron for you,” said Bystedt. “And it’s 15 percent higher MOI (than M2) also, so it’s just a very easy club to play.”

To create the combination of distance and forgiveness that M CGB provides, TaylorMade utilized every iron technology it had at its disposal.

More specifically, the M CGB irons feature an incredibly thin clubface that helps promote faster ball speeds, and Face Slots on the clubface and a Speed Pocket on the sole protect ball speed on off-center strikes to improve performance on mis-hits.

The clubheads also feature tungsten weighting to improve stability and promote effortless launch, and the use of a fluted hosel saves weight to help create a low, deep CG position that enhances MOI and produces a naturally high ball flight.

Additionally, TaylorMade has utilized an advanced Hybrar damper and 3D sound-managing badge to create a softer feel than most super game-improvement irons can provide.

All of those features also enabled designers to take one additional step to make the M CGB long irons even easier to play.

Taylormade CBG Iron“With all of that technology, we were able to weaken the long irons to help players get the ball in the air and maximize distance,” Bystedt said.

Of course, some golfers will be wondering what exactly differentiates the M CGB irons from TaylorMade’s popular M2 irons.

In addition to the higher MOI, the answer lies in the performance that the short irons will offer.

“The M2 is a very good iron, a very fast iron,” said Bystedt. “But there’s still a progression in nature where in the shorter irons you’re still giving the golfer more control.”

“With the M CGB, what we wanted to do is create an iron for the player who wants max distance through the bag. These irons are max distance and max COR all the way through the set, so there’s the opportunity to hit it farther with every club and get it in the air easier with every club.”

The new M CGB irons are being offered with TaylorMade Dual Feel grips, as well as stock shaft options in both graphite and steel. The Nippon N.S. Pro 840 is the steel option, while the UST Recoil 460 ES is the graphite option. That said, TaylorMade will offer additional premium shafts at no upcharge for players who need a different fit profile.