Over the course of the last several years, Srixon has been most widely known for its golf balls, with irons likely ranking a close second. Srixon, however, believes that its new Z 565 and 765 drivers are poised to help the company garner an increased market share in that category as well. When it comes to the enhanced performance of its new Z Series drivers, Srixon cites what it calls a Ripple Effect as the driving force.

What is the Ripple Effect? It’s the combination of three key technologies that have been incorporated into the design of the 565 and 765 drivers. First, both models feature the new Power Wave Sole, which is highlighted by a multi-step design that allows the clubface to be more flexible and maintain higher ball speeds on off-center strikes.

Second on the list of new technologies is the Stretch Flex Cup Face. This innovation stretches the clubface to cover portions of the sole and the crown, a design feature that enhances the sweet spot of the driver for more forgiveness from impact points across the face.

And finally, the new Z Series drivers are utilizing a lighter crown as part of the design. By saving four grams of weight in the construction of the crown, engineers were able to move the center of gravity lower and deeper in the clubhead, which creates higher launch conditions and lower spin rates, the perfect combination for distance increases. As mentioned, there are two models to choose from, and the 565 and 765 each has different playability attributes that are designed to suit different types of player.

“The Z 565 is a 460cc profile. It’s going to fit a wider range of players, built for maximum distance and forgiveness,” said Eli Miller, Srixon Golf Product Manager. “The Z 765, that’s a 445cc profile, a little bit more compact but still 15cc larger than the previous 7-series driver, so it’s going to be a little bit more forgiving on off-center hits but still a very compact shape to appeal to a better player that likes to work the ball off the tee.”

Srixon engineers also spent considerable time and resources on creating a driver that offered improved feel and better acoustics at impact, and the early returns are that those goals have been realized.


There are also customization options with the 565 and 765 drivers, as Srixon’s QTS adjustable hosel allows for 12 different settings of adjustability in terms of loft, face angle, and lie angle to help players achieve exactly what they’re looking for in terms of ball flight and trajectory.

Additionally, a weight port exists in the clubhead. The standard weight is 9 grams but other options ranging from three to 15 grams exist that will allow players to adjust swing weight as needed.

In terms of a stock shaft, Srixon is again partnering with Miyazaki, one of the leading aftermarket shaft manufacturers in the world. The stock shaft for the 565 and 765 drivers is the Miyazaki Kaula Mizu shaft, which could best be described as a smooth yet stable shaft that produces mid-launch and mid-spin.

The Z 565 comes standard with a Mizu 5, which is the 50-gram weight class, while the Z 765 comes standard with the Mizu 6, which is in the 60-gram weight class.

There are other custom options available as well at no upcharge, including three different Kaula profiles that will generate different launch and spin conditions from the Mizu.

And finally, both models are available in lofts of 9.5 and 10.5 degrees, and each comes at a stock length of 45 inches.