Bushnell makes no secret about the fact that the Pro X2 is the top product in its golf rangefinder lineup and frequently refers to its latest release as “the best of its best.”

For a company that in a relatively short time has put together an impressive history of elite rangefinders, those are pretty strong words. But a closer look at the many features and capabilities of the Pro X2 would seem to support such an assertion.

Some of the features of the Pro X2 are not new for Bushnell, however, including its highly popular Jolt Technology.

Bushnell Pro X2 Rangefinder“Jolt is one of our homerun technologies,” said Bushnell Golf Product Specialist John Novosel. “What that does is when you shoot the laser and it locks onto your flag, it vibrates in your hand. (It) gives you two short vibration bursts and that lets you know that you’re locked onto the target.”

The Pro X2 also features the player-friendly ergonomics and Stable-Grip Technology that Bushnell has incorporated into its rangefinders in recent years to make them easier for golfers to use, most notably by reducing the hand-shaking that many experience when trying to retrieve yardages.

One thing that players will notice, however, is that despite its compact size the Pro X2, at eight ounces, is noticeably heavier than the products in Bushnell’s popular V4 line, but there are reasons for that.

Most notably, the Pro X2 is wrapped in a completely waterproof metal housing. Not only does that enable golfers to use the device in the rain but it also significantly enhances durability.

Of course, there are also new technologies that differentiate the X2 from other high-end rangefinders on the market, and that list starts with Slope-Switch Technology.

“The (slope switch) allows you to go from slope to tournament legal,”Novosel. “The USGA created a new rule that if you can turn slope off of a device it makes the device legal for tournament play.”

More specifically, the Slope Switch conveniently allows players to turn slope functionality on and off with incredible ease, as they simply need to adjust the switch that has been positioned on the side of the device.

By moving the switch to its top position, the slope function is activated for recreational play to allow players to get both actual and adjusted yardages, as well as the degree of either uphill or downhill incline for the shot they’re about to play. Sliding the switch to the bottom position, however, disables the slope function, which makes the Pro X2 completely legal for tournament play.

Also an exciting feature with the Pro X2 is new Dual-Display Technology, which gives golfers two distinct display options to choose from to better accommodate all of the different lighting conditions they’re bound to encounter on the course.

“I love the Dual Display,” Novosel added. “It allows you to have a bright red display or a crisp black display, and usually you’re going to use that red display on lower lighting conditions and the black on a brighter day. It allows you to play in all lighting conditions.”

In addition to those new technological features, the Pro X2 also has enhanced capabilities when compared to other rangefinders in the Bushnell family.

“The X2 unit is very robust,” Novosel said. “It’s our fastest laser we’ve ever created, as well as it’s got great range. You can hit flags at over (400) yards.”

In all, the Pro X2 has a range of five to 1,300 yards, it’s accurate to within a half of a yard, and it’s 6X magnification offers incredibly vivid visuals.

Additionally, a focus ring has been positioned conveniently above the eyepiece to make it easy for players to adjust focus.

Not surprisingly, given all of the functionality of the Pro X2, Bushnell has been able to maintain its position at No. 1 when it comes to laser rangefinders, and its dominance is most evident when it comes to examining usage among the touring professionals who use Bushnell to prepare for their various events on a weekly basis.

“If you look at our Tour numbers, we have 95 percent of the PGA Tour playing Bushnell,” Novosel said. “And they’re using it because of the reliability, the accuracy, and also because of Bushnell’s patented Slope Technology.”

Novosel was also quick to add that Bushnell’s slope technology, which was created as part of a partnership with a former PGA Tour caddie, is something that every recreational player can take advantage of to improve their game.

“What we really want the average golfer to understand is the guys on Tour are using this. You should be, too, to train your eye on how slope works,” he said. “For example, if you have a 150-yard shot and it’s two degrees uphill, that might play 158. That’s a full club. If you shoot that, and learn that, and see that, it’s going to help you play better golf.”