Odyssey has achieved its position as one of the leading putter manufacturers in the world by giving players a multitude of great choices, all of which provide consistent roll patterns and excellent feel.

Included among those options, regardless of the family you choose from, are head designs that will accommodate different putting strokes with great success.

Whether it’s the highly popular White Hot RX or Works lineup, or one of the other collections offered to players, if you talk to Odyssey personnel, they’ll describe their putters in terms of toe hang, using modifiers such as full, mid, and slight to help players better understand what style will work well for their stroke.

As a specific example, the classic #9 head design, which has often been seen in Phil Mickelson’s bag, is a full hang putter that will work well for players who have extremely pronounced arcs in their stroke. The #1 head design, meanwhile, would qualify as mid hang, meaning it will work well for players with significant arcs.

In terms of a slight-arc design, the classic 2-Ball putters would fall into that category, meaning they’ll be a good choice for players with minimal arcs in their stroke, while face-balanced models like the #7 or V-Line will be excellent options for players who putt using a straight back, straight through method.

Unique to the Odyssey lineup and also noteworthy are the Toe Up designs. Odyssey has taken the classic #1 and #9 head shapes and made each as a face-balanced model, which is a dream come true for the player who wants a blade design from a look standpoint but employs a straight back, straight through stroke.

While Odyssey doesn’t list toe hang or toe flow among its putter specs, it still makes it easy for players to match up their stroke and putter style, doing this through an online fitting tool.

Golfers can enter information about their stroke and putter preferences and the program will provide recommendations accordingly, a tremendous feature for helping players pick the right putter for their game.