The original Freestyle golf shoe from FootJoy proved to be extremely popular with players because of the comfort, traction, and mobility that it provided.

In fact, Freestyle was so widely lauded by golfers that FootJoy’s designers were wary of making too many changes when they set out to create Freestyle 2.0.

“What our thoughts were with this update was just to keep it fresh, provide a couple of different new looks, maybe a sleeker upper design overall, and really just follow up a widely successful launch we had in year one,”acknowledged Keith Duffy, FootJoy Senior Product Manager for Footwear.

In addition to new color schemes and the sleeker design of the upper that Duffy mentioned, the other major change that designers implemented with Freestyle 2.0 was an adjustment to bring the shoe more in line from a fit standpoint with the rest of the FootJoy footwear lineup, as some players felt the original Freestyle fit larger than other FootJoy shoes.

“It’s got (a) low-profile construction, so the fit-bed on the inside of the shoe is very thick,” said Duffy of Freestyle 2.0. “To address the fit and make it more consistent across all of our footwear categories we added two millimeters of foam in the forefoot. That just fills that space in the forefoot a little bit better and really makes the fit a lot more consistent.”

Players won’t, however, see any changes in terms of mobility and comfort, which should come as welcome news.

FootJoy Freestyle 2.0 golf shoesFreestyle 2.0 offers significant, shock-absorbing cushioning to provide maximum comfort, while its InnerSok system utilizes an achilles pad to deliver more comfort and support in the heel area.

Meanwhile, the traction and mobility that golfers want and need are made possible by an outsole that is constructed using FootJoy’s revolutionary SoftMax material, which is a molded translucent rubber.

Also of note, the Pulsar cleats utilized in the design aid in the cushioning provided by Freestyle 2.0, while also being extremely green friendly.

Add it all up and Freestyle 2.0 will provide all of the performance and comfort that should once again make it a big seller for Footjoy.

“It’s our most mobile or unstructured shoe,” Duffy added. “It really flexes and moves with your foot very easily. We utilize our softest, fine-tuned foam compound on the midsole combined with a performance rubber outsole, so it’s going to be a very flexible product. It’s a mesh-based upper so it’s going to fit a little bit more like an athletic shoe versus a traditional leather golf shoe. It’s going to be super comfortable.”

Additionally, even though Freestyle 2.0 features a mesh upper, it’s still a waterproof shoe.

“It’s a two-year waterproof guarantee,” Duffy said. “We get there through the use of a waterproof membrane, waterproof tapes, and cements that we utilize inside while we’re building the shoe.”

“We’re pretty vigilant in terms of water. Water’s our enemy as a golfer. We want to make sure that our feet are nice and dry at the end of the round. That’s our job.”

Freestyle 2.0 golf shoes are available in three color schemes: black/orange, blue/yellow, and charcoal/white. There’s also a Freestyle 2.0 model that’s available with a BOA closure system to further help players dial in their ideal fit. The BOA version is available in the charcoal/white color scheme.

In terms of sizing, Freestyle 2.0 golf shoes are offered in sizes ranging from 7 through 15, as well as four different width options: narrow, medium, wide, and extra wide.