Scotty Cameron Select putters are instantly recognizable on the golf course. The shapes are classic and the Tour-proven performance is unmistakable. In fact, Scotty Cameron called the 2016 family the best he’d ever made so his goal for 2018 was just “to not screw it up.”

The 2018 Select line focuses on three concepts: sight, sound, and sole. When you put those three together, you get an instant classic. We talked with Michael Bradley, Director of Marketing for Scotty Cameron putters from Titleist, to get the story.


Let’s begin with sight. The 2018 Select line has some refined looks across the entire line. The top line edges are beveled to appear thinner at address (a trend golfers on the professional tours wanted to see because it’s easy to align and looks clean with no distractions). Also new for this year is a single milled sightline. In the past, some of the larger putter heads had a pop-through alignment aid. This was a raised sightline that was popped up through the back of the putter to add more alignment features. That’s now changed. Every putter in the Scotty Cameron line features the classic, single alignment line. “All of these putters are milled in the USA and finished by hand. The attention to detail is incredible,” Bradley told us.

Next is sound, this year’s putters have 30% more vibration dampening material in the club heads across the line. Cameron liked the performance of the multi-material construction used in previous models and it was incredibly well received so he expanded on it for 2018. This material is included behind the face and body, filling up that space to reduce the amount the putter vibrates when the ball is struck. Bradley said, “You still have to maintain feedback so it’s not so soft that you can’t feel and diagnose your mis-hits but this has a softer sound.” Better feel equals better control.


Finally, there’s the sole of the Select putters. Sole is all about how the putter is designed. Bradley described the design process as a “Traditional design that draws up the putter head and balances it, then it’s all milled based on the head alone. Then, you add the shaft and grip during production. That weight offset can make the putter lean forward slightly and look closed at address.” Players are forced to compensate for the lean and that can lead to inconsistency. The 2018 line eliminates the need to compensate and leads to a more consistent set-up.For these putters, Cameron also reshaped the sole and shifted the balance point more toward the face than in previous models. These improvements account for the weight added by the shaft and grip, allowing you to align the putter more square so you make more putts. “With putters, a little bit open is okay, square is great, but even a touch closed is not good,” Bradley commented.

When it comes to the 2018 Select line, remember the three S’s. The combination of sight, sound, and sole creates the ideal performance on the greens. There are seven shapes in this family, from traditional blades to large mid-mallets, as well as the return of the Laguna design, so there’s something to fit every stroke type and preferred look. These subtle changes have been well received on Tour and we’re sure you’ll love them too.