FootJoy Men's Contour Fit golf shoesThe latest innovation from FootJoy, the #1 Shoe in Golf, has arrived at TGW. This is the Contour Fit golf shoe. The Contour Fit is based on the legendary Contour Series from FootJoy, known as the best selling golf shoes of all time. This new shoe reimagines that series with a blank slate from the ground up in a package that FootJoy says provides comfort that never quits.

FootJoy Director of Footwear Marketing Mike Foley said about the Contour Series: “It was time to really overhaul it. We needed to add comfort, we needed to take weight out of it, we needed to make it more flexible.”

There are a lot of new innovations packed in the Contour Fit golf shoes aimed at letting you play in complete comfort. At TGW, we wanted to see how these features worked together. So we tried them on to get a hands-on feel for how this new innovation in comfort will perform for you on the golf course.

First, let’s take a look at what’s new in these golf shoes. Starting from the ground up, the Contour Fit features a totally new outsole that FootJoy calls their DynaFlex outsole. Right away you’ll notice new flex grooves engineered with TPU in strategic locations to allow greater flex as your foot moves during the golf swing or when walking. “We wanted to really start from the bottom up, really start with the outsole,” said Jonathan Bacon, Principal Designer.

Inside the shoe is a soft and thicker fit bed designed to cradle your foot. The back of each shoe has a new Achilles pad to softly cushion the foot and provide a locked-in fit. There is a combination of materials used to make the uppers of the Contour Fit. The vamp is made with soft, full grain leather to offer waterproof protection while synthetic material in the saddle and quarter provide durability. Contour Fit golf shoes come with a two year waterproof warranty. On top of these shoes is a U-Throat design that’s meant to provide a more generous fit and forgiving feel. Contour Fit was built on the Contour Plus Last which FootJoy describes as having a full rounded toe, full fit across the forefoot and standard fit in the instep and heel.

Next, we tried them on to get a feel for all these new features. Right out of the box, these shoes fit perfectly to size. The leather in the upper is soft and supple; not at all stiff. These shoes are ready to play right away. There is no break in time required with the Contour Fit. The U-Throat design offers plenty of room around the fit and total movement. The extra padding in the Achilles heel is perfect for golfers who love to walk the course. There’s added protection with super soft comfort to keep you going all round long. The extra thick fit bed is obvious as soon as you slip these shoes on. It’s incredibly soft and thick, providing a cushioned feel with every step. The biggest innovation is on the bottom of the shoe. The DynaFlex outsole with FootJoy’s new flex grooves let your feet flex freely with every move. Whether walking or swinging a golf club, the Contour Fit remains flexible for greater performance. These are a spiked golf shoe so you get all the grip you’re used to from a traditional golf shoe.

The FootJoy Contour Fit golf shoes are an impressive new take on the best-selling Contour Series. The cushioning is top-notch. The added fit and comfort features are perfect for all golfers, but golfers who prefer to walk will love the added touches such as the Achilles pad. Where the real break-through happens is in the outsole of the shoe. The flexibility you get from the engineered grooves is perfect for every move you make on the golf course. These shoes are built to last with a combination of leather and synthetic materials in the upper with a two year waterproof warranty. If you loved the Contour Series, you’ll want to give these a try. If you never wore the Contour Series or FootJoy golf shoes before, the Contour Fit is a great place to start.