For Cobra, 2016 proved to be a big year, and it’s expecting 2017 to be even better. Not surprisingly, there has been plenty of intrigue about the new Cobra one-length iron sets, which only makes sense. After all, in theory, being able to use the same set-up, swing, and ball position for every iron shot you play would seem to make the game easier. All of the irons in Cobra’s one-length sets are the same length as a standard 7-iron, which of course might leave some wondering how they’ll get proper gapping as it relates to their yardages with a 4-iron and 9-iron that are the same length.

It’s a problem that Cobra has remedied by using clubheads of different weights in the long irons (heavier) and short irons (lighter), as well as changing CG locations. The end result has been that in testing players are finding little or no difference in terms of the distance they see between a progressive and one-length set.

All that said, even if the one-length concept don’t sound appealing to you, Cobra still has both game-improvement and players irons that can compete with anything else on the market.

Cobra King F7 One Length IronAs is the case with the new KING Forged irons, there are progressive and one-length sets available in the new F7 irons as well.

Unlike the KING Forged, however, the F7 is more of a game-improvement offering, as these are irons that deliver exceptional distance and are extremely forgiving. That along with fairly compact blade shapes might be enough to entice some better players into gaming F7 irons but more typically this is an iron that was built for mid- and high-handicappers.

Fueling the performance of the F7 irons, especially the distance they generate, is their PWRSHELL Face, which is thinner and stronger and utilizes an L-Cup design to generate faster ball speeds from impact points across the face.

Also incorporated into the design is Cobra’s proprietary TECFLO construction, as each club is built to deliver optimal performance.

More specifically, the long irons are hollow and have a low CG placement to deliver high launch, the mid irons are half-hollow, which makes them easier to hit while still providing control, the short irons have a cavity back design that creates more spin for enhanced workability, and the specialty wedges have more of a blade design to provide more versatility and control.

Additionally, progressive spin technology is utilized through the set, as the 4-6 irons have V-grooves for reduced spin and more distance while the 7-PW have U-grooves for more spin, which produces better workability and flight control.

The CG on the F7 irons also has been lowered and centered to increase MOI, while the CNC Milled Grooves create optimal spin and trajectory.

KING F7 and F7 One Length irons offer as stock shaft options the True Temper King F7 steel and Fujikura Pro 63i graphite, and the stock grip is a Lampkin REL, which as is the case in the KING Forged irons comes in black for the progressive set and blue for the one-length set.