Callaway’s rise to being a serious player in the premium golf ball market has been fast and furious thanks to the revolutionary Chrome Soft golf ball. Professionals and recreational players alike have made Chrome Soft their ball of choice because of its incredibly soft feel but also the tour-proven performance it delivers from tee to green.

The original Chrome Soft was introduced in December of 2014 and then revamped for 2016 with a new layer being added to further improve performance, especially as it related to distance consistency on shots played from 100 yards and in. Now, for 2017, Chrome Soft has a new stablemate: Chrome Soft X.

The two balls will share some similarities, most notably their four-piece construction and the low spin rates they produce off of a driver to create impressive distance. But there are some fairly significant differences as well.

“The Chrome Soft X is going to be a little firmer golf ball,” said Jason Finley, Callaway Global Director of Brand Management for Golf Balls. “It’s going to provide not only low spin off the tee but then a little more spin (than Chrome Soft) as you go through the bag.”

“You’ll get more spin particularly in that middle part of the bag, which is going to give you more workability. But (Chrome Soft X) is also going to have a new aerodynamic pattern to give it a more penetrating ball flight as well.”

The development of Chrome Soft X was led by detailed feedback that engineers received from Callaway’s touring professionals, including Phil Mickelson. The firmer feel was requested by some players in hopes of getting just a little bit more feedback on full shots and shots played from around the green, but the ability to work the ball easier, especially as it relates to iron shots, was at the top of the wish list for many.

In terms of the changes that were made in creating Chrome Soft X, they have been extremely well-received by those who were involved in the process. “This is already our most popular ball with our Tour players, and a big reason for that is it’s going to help with more workability.” added Finley.

As Finley mentioned, Chrome Soft X will fly slightly lower than Chrome Soft, but Callaway’s HEX Aerodynamics ensure that players still get optimal carry distance. Maximum greenside spin and control, however, have been maintained through an advanced mantle in the design and the ball’s responsive Thermoplastic Urethane cover.


Of course, with a new addition having been made to the Chrome Soft family, players now have decisions to make in terms of which ball is right for their game.

As it relates to that choice, Finley was refreshingly candid in terms of his assessment about how golfers should fit themselves.

“I would say for the vast majority of people the standard Chrome Soft is still going to be the best ball for them,” he said. “They’re going to be able to hit farther through the bag.”

“But if you’re the golfer that wants to work a few more shots, you’re going to have more ability to do that with the Chrome Soft X. It’s also going to benefit the high-speed player a little bit more.”

Chrome Soft X golf balls are currently available in both white and yellow.