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Whether you're a beginner, amateur, or polished golf pro, TGW has the best golf clubs from top brands including TaylorMade, PING, Titleist, Cobra, Callaway and more. Women's golf clubs are configured in shaft and loft options that maximize performance. To ensure a solid, enjoyable start for younger players, junior golf clubs are can be easily matched to player height and/or age to help keep kids successful and motivated. Need help choosing? Scroll down to find a complete listing of buying guides including our golf drivers buying guide that make finding the right golf club clear and simple. For exclusive video interviews with industry experts and club play-test reviews from customers like you, the TGW Golf Guide is constantly updated with helpful feedback and tips.

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Our custom club fitting option allows you to order the clubs you want with the specifications that best fit your swing. Know your specs? An "Enter Custom Specs" tab above clubs that are eligible for customization. Need help? Click the "Fitting Guide" above any customizeable club. Don't forget, with TGW's exclusive Mulligan Club Playability Guarantee, you can try most golf clubs risk-free for 30 days and custom clubs for 90 days.

Golf Club Buying Guides

Irons Buyers Guide

Irons Buying Guide

Make Choosing Your New Irons Simple

Our golf irons buying guide is your number one source for all the information you need to know when selecting a new set of golf irons. You'll learn the specifics about irons that will help you select the right set to match your golf game. Find out the differences between the two types of irons, muscle-back and cavity-back, to pick which model is right for you.

Putters Buyers Guide

Putters Buying Guide

Picking The Perfect Putter Is Personal

When it comes to personal preference on the golf course, no golf club in your bag stands out quite as much as the flat stick. Every golfer's putting stroke is different, so the options on how to make your putter work for you are seemingly endless. Our golf putters buying guide is here to help you with the five things to consider when selecting a putter.

Wedges Buyers Guide

Golf Wedges Buying Guide

How To Choose Wedges For Lower Scores

Experienced golfers know that the short game is how you save those extra strokes during a round of golf. With our golf wedges buying guide, we'll help you select the right wedges to complete your set so you'll be knocking it closer to the pin in no time. This buying guide shows you the four different types of wedges, with the range of lofts so you can properly plan and gap your wedge set.

Golf Club Reviews

Golf Driver Reviews

Watch Our Golf Driver Reviews

If you took a poll among golfers to find out what they view as the most important club in the bag, the driver would garner a lot of votes, which makes sense. After all, if you drive the ball well, both in terms of accuracy and distance, that takes so much pressure off the rest of your game. That said, with so many great options available when it comes to golf drivers these days, finding the right one for your game can be a challenge. Fear not, however, as TGW has detailed product information, interviews with engineers, and customer reviews to help you make a great choice.
Golf Iron Reviews

Watch Our Golf Iron Reviews

Technology has had a huge impact on golf and has been especially beneficial when it comes to golf irons. What manufacturers are able to deliver these days in terms of distance, forgiveness, and launch in what has come to be known as a game-improvement iron is incredible, and those clubs are making golf more enjoyable for average players. Of course, for talented ball-strikers, there are still great options available that will excel in terms of feel, control, and workability. And whatever your needs are, TGW has the information you’ll need to pick the best irons for your game.
Golf Fairway and Hybrid Reviews

Watch Our Golf Fairway and Hybrid Reviews

For many golfers, their fairway woods and/or hybrids are something of an afterthought when it comes to the clubs in their bag. That should not be the case, however, as oftentimes the shots played with those clubs, while they might be limited in any given round, are among the most important and most challenging. Picking fairways and hybrids can also be challenging, especially given the vast number of options available and their different performance attributes, which is why TGW has spent significant time getting answers to all of the questions you’re likely to have.
Golf Wedge Reviews

Watch Our Golf Wedge Reviews

Pretty much everyone who plays golf understands how important wedge play and the short game are when it comes to scoring. With that being the case, it’s no surprise that the trend in recent years has been that golfers are carrying more wedges in their bag. Of course, it’s also imperative that the wedges they carry are good choices for their game, both in terms of their swing and the course conditions where they usually play. If you’re in the market for new golf wedges, rest assured that we’ve done our homework in an effort to make the decision-making process easier for you.
Golf Putter Reviews

Watch Our Golf Putter Reviews

As the saying goes, on the golf course, a good putter is a match for anyone. Of course, while it might look like it should be the easiest part of the game, putting is highly demanding. If you want to be a good putter there are several ingredients in that recipe, but among the most crucial is that you have a putter that meets your needs in terms of what you like visually and what will work best with your putting stroke. Adding to the challenge are the sheer number of options available. That means that you’ll have some research to do, but we’ve tried to do as much of it for you as we can.

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