PING Glide Wedges


PING Glide Wedges

Custom Engineered Wedges For More Short Game Options

PING believes Glide is the most versatile and consistent wedge line the company has ever produced. Glide wedges were engineered from the grip to the sole to help golfers of all ability levels improve their short games. The line includes four different sole options, each designed to work well for a specific type of player and different types of course conditions. Additionally, the grooves were designed to deliver varying spin characteristics depending on loft, and a special, longer grip has been utilized to make it easier for players to “grip down” for more control. Glide wedges come in lofts of 47, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, and 60 degrees. They also come with a 118-gram CFS wedge shaft that is designed to produce lower launch angles for greater control.

Sole design chart

Sole Designs for All Swing Shapes

Glide wedges are available with four unique sole shapes, each of which will work well with different swing types and turf conditions. For players who have shallow angles of attack or who typically play at courses with firm turf and sand conditions, the TS (thin sole) is a great option. For steeper angles of attack and soft turf and sand conditions the WS (wide sole) will work best, while the SS (standard sole) is a great fit for players with moderate angles of attack and from varying turf conditions. And finally, the ES (Eye sole) offers versatility on all shots played from around the green and especially from bunkers.

Close up of grooves

Loft-Optimized Gorge Grooves

A 16-degree sidewall is utilized in wedges with lofts between 47 and 54 degrees to keep from having too much spin imparted on full shots, while a 24-degree sidewall is utilized in lofts between 56 and 60 degrees to create more spin on shorter shots.

Close up of grip

Dyla-Wedge Grip

The stock grip on Glide wedges is 3/4 of an inch longer to allow players to grip down on full shots or shots around the green to better control trajectory.

Side of wedge

431 Moisture-Repelling Finish

The finish used in the Glide series creates softer feel but also features more friction, which provides greater consistency and spin when playing in wet conditions or from heavy rough.

This product is no longer available

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