Even the most simple of modern golf bags have features to keep you comfortable and organized on the course. Advanced innovation and design have reinvented cumbersome golf bags of the past into stylish, efficient, and lightweight bags a golfer can be proud to display on the course. With a vast selection of bags to choose from, here are four things to consider when buying a golf bag.

Type of Bag


Carry bags are the lightest weight, easiest to transport golf bags and are designed for recreational or casual golfers. These golf bags are designed with shoulders straps that make them easy to carry around the golf course. Carry bags are best for golfers who prefer to walk the golf course.

Stand bags are the most versatile type of golf bag. They are usually light in weight but heavier than a carry bag. The base of these bags feature legs that keep everything upright and accessible during your round. They are a great choice for walking or using a golf cart.

Cart bags are designed with bases made to attach to a golf cart. They feature lots of pockets and generous amounts of storage. They are heavier than bags designed for the walking golfer. Cart golf bags are used widely by professional, competitive or serious golfers.

Tour bags, sometimes called staff bags are the most comprehensive golf bags with maximum amounts of storage, pockets and dividers. These golf bags are made for professional or competitive golfers who require more items on the golf course or golfers who do not have to carry their own bag so they are often larger and more luxurious, but also weigh more than a stand or cart bag.

Travel bags are made for golfers who take their clubs with them and want to keep them protected. They are made to keep golf clubs safe during baggage handling and on flights. Usually made of heavier materials or hard case, these bags encompass an entire golf bag and set for golfers who travel to play the game.

When you select the right type of bag for you, you should consider how you will transport the bag. If you use a either a riding cart or push/pull cart, weight might not be a big factor. If you prefer to walk the course, you may want to consider a lighter option like a stand or carry bag.

Number of Dividers

Dividers are very important in a golf bag and range from 1 to 15. Golf bag dividers are usually listed by a number of top dividers or “way-top” that tells you how many openings are in the top of the bag. You will also want to consider how many dividers are full-length. These dividers extend all the way down the bag and prevent the clubs from tangling in your bag, saving you time and frustration on the golf course. More serious golfers generally use more dividers to keep clubs separated while casual golfers prefer fewer dividers for convenience.


Golf bags today feature pockets with specific uses. You will often find an insulated cooler pocket to keep a drink cold and a lined pocket that protects valuables like keys or a cell phone. Full length pockets that store things like outerwear or extra apparel are also common. Consider how many pockets you need with how much you like to have available to you on the golf course.

Some other features you may want to consider include an umbrella holder, towel ring, glove attachment, or rain hood. These are the little extra details that make your life easier when you are playing your favorite game.


Most of the time, you will be handling your golf bag by its straps and handles. The majority of bags have lift handles on the top and sometimes bottom of the bag to make it easier to get your bag to and from the golf course.

If you plan to carry your bag, you will want to consider the number and quality of straps. Golf bags will either have a single or dual carry strap system. Cart bags traditionally have a single strap while stand and carry bags usually have two, but may have one.

You want a bag with comfortable, wide, and well-padded straps. Adjustable fit is also important so you can get a comfortable carry. Self-balancing straps are great because they allow the straps to sit square on your shoulders with a slight tilt to keep your clubs in the bag and easily accessible.