New Cleveland wedges were recently spotted and we’ve got all the details! This first look at the RTX-4 wedges reveals a refined, compact shape. These are sharp-looking wedges that appear to be the next evolution in the popular RTX line. RTX wedges have made a name for being versatile, great-feeling golf clubs that provide golfers with the ability to create any shot they need around the greens.

Cleveland touts the RTX-4 wedges are the most Tour-authentic they have ever made. With the tremendous success of their cavity back wedges for mid to high handicap golfers, they were able to focus on a true Tour-preferred blade wedge with zero design restrictions.

This resulted in the most aggressive face in golf with sharper grooves and stronger milling for maximum stopping power and control. A more compact blade shape provides even more workability. They also added a fourth sole grind, the XLow, to go along with the Low, Mid, and Full grinds from the past. That means more versatility with the lowest bounce wedges in the game.

Finally, Cleveland took their Progressive Feel Balancing Technology to a whole new level for better feel, consistency, and control. This design places the center of gravity in the most ideal impact location of each wedge depending on the loft. By aligning the center of gravity to where you make contact with the ball, you get great feel and reliable distance on every strike.

Take a closer look at these exciting new clubs in our exclusive video.