Callaway Golf Shoes Reviews

As a dedicated golfer, you know what the name Callaway brings to your game. You’re familiar with the high performance you get round after round with their golf clubs and golf balls. Now there’s a new line of Callaway golf shoes to take your game to the next level. This is a re-introduction into the world of golf footwear for the brand.

We visited with Matt Palma of Callaway at the 2017 PGA Show in Orlando to get the story behind Callaway’s new golf shoes. Palma told us that Callaway is starting over in the footwear game. “All new technologies, all new fit and constructions, we’re really excited about being able to bring a new line to Callaway for 2017,” Palma said.

Callaway’s goal is to continue the reputation they’ve earned with their clubs and golf balls as being an innovator in technology and materials. They want to provide golfers with a comfortable golf shoe and great fit that hopefully helps you play better, too. That’s why this line has something for everyone. There’s spiked and spikeless golf shoes, unique designs, various price points as well as wide width options.

The fit of this line of shoes is all about getting the golfer lower to the ground for better balance. A lot of these shoes feature a low profile to create a base that’s connected to the ground for a more stable swing. They’ve also added width to the toe box for a comfortable fit. A wider toe box allows the foot to spread naturally as well so your feet create that stable base you need. “We study a lot of lasts and fit to make sure we’re going to give you that comfort,” explained Palma.

There are five new styles available at TGW: the Coronado golf shoe, Swami spikeless golf shoes, La Jolla spiked golf shoes, Balboa TRX and Balboa Vent. These offerings run the full range: spiked, spikeless, classic looking or athletic. There’s a style here for everyone. We got our hands on three of these styles while at the PGA Show.


Callaway Men's Coronado Golf Shoes at the 2017 PGA Show

Callaway Men's Coronado Golf Shoes at the 2017 PGA Show

Callaway Mens Coronado Golf Shoes

The first shoe we got to look at is the Coronado. This is a spiked golf shoe and, as Palma told us, it is loaded with technology. Starting at the bottom, the outsole is made of TPU, keeping the shoe lightweight, comfortable and flexible. There are nine removable spikes to give you maximum grip and stability. Together with the low profile design, the cleated traction provides stability on every swing. The mid-sole is made with responsive EVA material for performance right out of the box. This kind of cushioning allows you to put them on and walk 18 holes with no break in required. The Coronado is finished off with a clean, microfiber leather upper. It comes with a two year waterproof warranty so your feet stay dry and you feel your best. You always get a great new fit. These shoes are a little wider in the toe box and are also available in a wide width (2E) option for every golfer to find their preferred fit.

La Jolla

Callaway Men's La Jolla Golf Shoes at the 2017 PGA Show

Callaway Men's La Jolla Golf Shoes at the 2017 PGA Show

Callaway Men's La Jolla Golf Shoes

Next we got our hands on the La Jolla golf shoe. This is another spiked offering from Callaway with seven removable spikes. One major difference is this shoe is made with a Dura-rubber outsole. It’s a very durable and flexible material, also allowing Callaway to add secondary traction to the outsole for great grip. Just like the Coronado, the La Jolla shoes feature an EVA mid-sole for responsive cushioning and comfort without needing to break the shoes in. The upper provides a very classic look, designed with microfiber leather and a two year waterproof warranty. The La Jolla golf shoes are also available in sizes 8-14 with medium and wide (2E) widths available to fit more golfers.

Balboa Vent Spikeless

Callaway Men's Balboa Vent Spikeless Golf Shoes at the 2017 PGA Show

Callaway Men's Balboa Vent Spikeless Golf Shoes at the 2017 PGA Show

Callaway Balboa Vent Spikeless Golf Shoes

Finally we looked at a spikeless offering, Callaway’s Balboa Vent golf shoes. This shoe is made with a Dura-rubber outsole for lightweight, flexible performance and durable traction lugs for on and off course versatility. That comfortable EVA mid-sole is also included in the Balboa Vent for a responsive, cushioned feel that does not need to be broken in in hot, dry weather. Again, you get a choice of sizes 8-14 in both medium and wide width. The overall fit of the shoe is wider in the toe box and more snug in the heel to better fit all golfers with a comfortable fit with locked-in stability and balance.