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Wilson Mens FG Tour V6 Irons

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Wilson Mens FG Tour V6 Irons

Classic Look And Feel, Unexpected Forgiveness

Wilson has produced great golf products on a regular basis for decades, but as a company it is probably best known for its irons, and more specifically its players irons. New to the lineup this year will be the Staff FG Tour V6 irons, which are vintage Wilson in terms of look. These forged irons feature thin toplines, compact blade shapes, and minimal offset. They also excel from a feel and acoustic standpoint, having been forged from soft 8620 Carbon Steel. That said, for an iron that looks like a true blade at address, the V6 is surprisingly forgiving. That forgiveness is made possible by tungsten weighting and additional mass that has been utilized in the cavity behind the clubface. As for the tungsten, it’s utilized in the toe and heel of the long irons and the center of the sole in the mid-irons to lower CG and improve MOI and launch conditions. The stock shaft for the Staff V6 irons is the True Temper Dynamic Gold AMT, which is available in regular, stiff, and extra stiff flexes, and the stock grip is a black Lamkin Crossline.


Stock Shaft True Temper Dynamic Gold AMT Steel
Stock Grip Lamkin Crossline Black
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Ideal For:

Low- and mid-handicap golfers. Based on appearance alone, the FG Tour V6 ions look like they were created for only the most talented ball-strikers, but that’s really not the case, as these irons offer ample forgiveness for their category. That said, it’s still from a control, workability, and feel standpoint where these irons will excel. But for the mid-handicap player who values those attributes, the V6 won’t prove be too demanding in terms of playability.

TGW Customer Review of the Wilson V6, C200, and D300 Irons

TGW Customer Review of the Wilson V6, C200, and D300 Irons

Tungsten Weighting

By utilizing tungsten weighting in the long and mid irons, the CG is lowered for effortless launch and enhanced MOI.

Impact Area Mass

Additional mass has been incorporated in the cavity design to enhance feel, feedback, and workability.

8620 Carbon Steel Forging

The forging process using soft 8620 Carbon Steel ensures superior sound and feel at impact.

What They're Saying ...

“(There is) a lot of mass right behind the impact area, almost 40 grams in fact, which allows that workability but still a little bit of forgiveness. This is certainly geared toward the better players in the world and low-handicappers, (but) there’s no reason why an 8 or a 10, especially somebody who’s willing to practice and aspires to get their handicap lower, (can’t play this iron). It could be a great option for them.”

Michael Vrska, Wilson Golf Global Director of Innovation

“This is a forged golf club; 8620 carbon steel, nickel chrome plating, all that you’d expect in a Wilson Staff classic forged iron but with some real technology in it. That technology really starts with tungsten inserts.”

Michael Vrska, Wilson Golf Global Director of Innovation

What Players Like You Are Saying ...

“Honestly, I loved them. They were probably my favorite. They’re a little bit thinner of a blade but still it seemed like extremely forgiving. When you hit one in the sweet spot it just feels so flush.”

TGW customer Miles, 8 handicap

“They were very, very good. Not only did they come off hot but really soft feel as well. It was great.”

TGW customer Jay, +4 handicap

Wilson Staff FG Tour V6 Irons
Club Loft Length Lie Angle Bounce Swing Weight
#3 21° 39.25" 59.5° 2.0° D2.5
#4 24° 38.75" 60° 3.0° D2.5
#5 27° 38.25" 61° 4.0° D2.5
#6 31° 37.75" 61.5° 5.0° D2.5
#7 35° 37.25" 62° 6.0° D2.5
#8 39° 36.75" 63° 7.0° D2.5
#9 43° 36.25" 63.5° 7.5° D2.5
PW 47° 35.75" 64° 8.0° D3
GW 51° 35.5" 64.25° 8.5° D3