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Wilson Mens D300 Irons

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Wilson Mens D300 Irons

Explosive Distance, Impressive Forgiveness, Surprising Feel

If you’re considering Wilson irons, it’s important to understand that when it comes to the company’s D-category offerings the ‘D’ represents distance. The latest addition to Wilson’s D lineup is the new Staff D300, and these are irons that from a distance standpoint can compete with any game-improvement competitor on the market. The D300 irons, however, also deliver the type of feel and acoustics that many of those game-improvement offerings can’t match. In terms of distance, FLX Face technology is the driving force, as 76 percent of the clubface is not connected to the body of the clubhead, which allows for more flexing at impact and faster ball speeds. Meanwhile, surrounding the face are Power Holes that are filled with soft TE031 Urethane that flexes at impact and creates enhanced feel. Also of note, weight pods in the heel and toe are used to move weight to the perimeter of the club to increase forgiveness on mis-hits. The stock shaft offerings for the D300 irons are KBS Tour 80 steel shafts and the Matrix Speed Rulz A-type graphite shafts. The stock grip, meanwhile, is the Wilson Staff Tour Traction.


Stock Shafts KBS Tour 80 steel, Matrix Speed Rulz A-type graphite
Stock Grip Wilson Staff Tour Traction
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Ideal For:

Players of all ability levels. While the D300 is unquestionably a game-improvement iron and on the larger side from a profile standpoint, it’s probably not going to end up solely in the bags of higher-handicappers. Why? Because this is an iron that offers impact sound and feel that many game-improvement irons simply can’t compete with That coupled with impressive distance, launch, and forgiveness will likely be enough to entice some better golfers to put this iron into play.

TGW Customer Review of the Wilson V6, C200, and D300 Irons

TGW Customer Review of the Wilson V6, C200, and D300 Irons

FLX Face Technology

Minimizes contact between the clubface and clubhead for increased flex at impact, which results in higher ball speeds.

Power Holes

Surrounding the perimeter of the face and filled with soft TE031 Urethane, Power Holes enable additional flexing of the clubface and improve feel.

Heel-Toe Weighting

Weight pods move weight to the perimeter of the clubhead to improve forgiveness on shots not struck from the sweet spot.

What They're Saying ...

“FLX Face technology is really critical. (It) is limited contact points between the face and the body. And part of that is what we call power holes. Those are literal holes that go all the way through and all the way around the head. That combination of FLX Face and power holes literally gives room for the face to give and flex at impact. What gets filled in those power holes is actually TE031 Urethane. That’s a very soft material that gives so you still get that rebound, that great ball velocity, but incredible feel.”

Michael Vrska, Wilson Golf Global Director of Innovation

“When you get into the D300, that’s what we call our ‘D’ or distance category. This is all about forgiveness with great distance and power. A little bit thicker topline, really confidence inspiring at address, a little bit wider sole, a little more camber and bounce to really help that player who may struggle with fat and thin shots.”

Michael Vrska, Wilson Golf Global Director of Innovation

What Players Like You Are Saying ...

“You couldn’t really feel (the shots) in your hands. It just took off of the clubhead. Extremely forgiving, obviously. You don’t really hit a shot with these that feels poor, so for the everyday golfer that’s fantastic. It just comes off hot and any mis-hit just seemed like it made its way back towards the target.”

TGW customer Jay, +4 handicap

“Extremely forgiving; really good distance off of them. Even off the toe or a little bit toward the hosel, I mean, it still is just going to fly off of there pretty good. (They) hardly had any fade or draw.”

TGW customer Miles, 8 handicap

Wilson Staff Mens D300 Irons
Club Loft Length Lie Angle Bounce Swing Weight
#4 20.5° 39" 60° 2.0° D2
#5 23° 38.5" 61° 2.5° D2
#6 26° 38" 61.5° 3.0° D2
#7 29.5° 37.5" 62° 3.5° D2
#8 33.5° 37" 63° 4.0° D2
#9 38° 36.5" 63.5° 4.5° D2
PW 43° 36" 64° D2
GW 48° 35.75" 64° 6.0° D2
SW 54° 35.5" 64° D3