Wilson Duo Golf Balls


Wilson Duo White Golf Balls

Long Off The Tee With Soft Compression

Low-compression golf balls have become increasingly popular in recent years, and nobody does low compression quite like Wilson. The Staff Duo has long been one of Wilson’s most popular products, but the new version, with a compression of just 29, ranks as the softest ball that Wilson has ever made. Being able to get the Duo’s compression that low was made possible by a large rubber-rich core, and the result is a ball that delivers exceptional feel on and around the green. But the Duo also generates exceptional distance thanks to a two-piece construction that creates minimal spin off the tee, and that minimal spin also means that players are likely to see less side spin, which mean more fairways hit. Additionally, the Staff Duo’s seamless 302 dimple pattern enables more consistency in terms of ball flight, and an ionomer cover helps deliver high launch conditions on full shots. Staff Duo golf balls are also available in two colors, white and yellow.

Ideal For:

Players who are looking for distance and accuracy off the tee in an exceptionally soft golf ball. The Staff Duo might not spin as much around the green as a premium ball, which golfers really shouldn’t expect from a ball at this price point, but from a feel standpoint it’s among the best on the market in the distance ball category. It’s also amazingly long off the tee, and it’s the combination of feel, distance, and cost that have made the Staff Duo such a popular product for Wilson.

Wilson Duo White Golf Balls features:

  • Long off the tee with improved control from less spin from the driver
  • Softer feel for improved playability around the green
  • Extremely low 29 compression design
  • Seamless 302 dimple pattern for consistent ball flight
  • Available in white, yellow, or orange
  • Available in 12-ball pack

This product is no longer available

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