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TGW Phoenix Slope Golf Rangefinder
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Phoenix Slope Rangefinder from TGW

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TGW Phoenix Slope Rangefinder Details

Next Level Accuracy From The People Who Know Golf

TGW has been reviewing and selling the best golf rangefinders on the market for more than 15 years. When it came time to designing our own rangefinder, we knew exactly what golfers were looking for. The Phoenix is like having two rangefinders in one through the use of interchangeable plates on the side of the unit. There's a plate (red colored) that allows you to see both actual and adjusted yardages, the latter of which factors in uphill or downhill slopes for the shot being played. The other plate (blue colored) turns off the slope feature, which makes the rangefinder legal for tournament play according to USGA rules. The TGW Phoenix Slope rangefinder delivers accuracy and performance at a new level. Accurate to within a yard with a range of 400 yards, you'll have accurate readings for every shot on the golf course with compensated distance to make sure you're using the right club, every time.

TGW Phoenix Slope Rangefinder features:

  • 400-yard range
  • Advanced target lock function ensures accurate readings on your target
  • Scanning function let's you measure various distances across the course
  • 6x magnification so you can zero in on your target
  • Accurate readings to within a yard
  • Requires CR2 3V battery (included with rangefinder)
  • Slope feature can be turned on and off for tournament play by using interchangeable plates
  • 1 year warranty

TGW Phoenix Slope Rangefinder

Chris Wallace and Diego Garcia of TGW talk the Phoenix Slope Rangefinder

Clear, Accurate Display

Visuals are easy to see and understand when using the TGW Phoenix Slope Rangefinder. The flag icon on the left side of the screen lets you know that you're locked on the target, while yardages displayed top center are actual yardages for the shot you're about to play and yardages displayed toward the bottom right of the screen are adjusted yardages that factor in the amount of slope for any given shot.

Compact, User-Friendly Design

The compact size and lightweight design of the TGW Phoenix Slope Rangefinder make it easy for players to retrieve yardages.

Slope Functionality

When installed, the red chip on the side of the TGW Phoenix Slope Rangefinder provides golfers with slope capability. To disable slope functionality, which makes the device legal for tournament play, simply remove the red chip and install the alternate blue chip.

TGW's Review

I can say in all sincerity that I had my doubts about just how effective the TGW Phoenix Slope Rangefinder would be given that it comes in on the lower end of the market from a price standpoint. Those doubts, however, were quickly alleviated the first time I took it out on the golf course.


It was a dreary, windless, drizzly day and on the fourth hole, a par-3, none of my playing companions could get an accurate yardage to the pin with their respective rangefinders. The TGW Phoenix, however, picked up the 187-yard distance accurately on the first try, and the rest of the day it proved to be equally effective, as I had no problem retrieving yardages quickly and accurately, even in excess of 250 yards.


I also found the device, which is more compact and lighter than many rangefinders I’ve tried on the market today, easy to operate, and the visuals were outstanding. It was equally simple to adjust focus, as well as change from yards to meters, and replacing the chip on the side of the device to allow slope functionality was seamless and a great feature for tournament players who need the ability to switch back and forth between having slope functionality or not.


All in all, I came away quite impressed with the TGW Phoenix Slope Rangefinder from a performance standpoint. At its price point, it’s a fantastic value. It truly gives players who might have chosen to focus resources on other golf products an excellent opportunity to get a quality rangefinder in their bag, which will help them play better golf, without making as great a financial commitment as they might have expected.-- Chris Wallace, TGW staff writer

What Players Like You Are Saying...

"Best deal on TGW! I bought this about a month ago but was waiting to write a review until I was able to use it a couple of times. I could not pass up the opportunity to try a sub $200 range finder with slope. I previously owned a Bushnell v2 until I dropped it in a cooler of water. This range finder is much lighter and has all the functions of the Bushnell, including yards/meters, pin seeking. I'm quickly able to shoot the pin (flag seeking mode) and see both the original and adjusted for slope readings. Easily converts to tournament mode by switching out a side plate. Says it is waterproof to IPX4 classification - splashes and rain but I'd rather not find out first hand. Look forward to many years with this range finder, I'm very picky and once I find something I like, I stick with it."

TGW customer review from lindhdg

"Great rangefinder at half the cost. I purchased this rangefinder w/slope to use in the USGA course rating process. I rate golf courses in Northern California and elevation change is a factor in the rating process. This rangefinder w/slope is more accurate in determining the elevation changes throughout the course being rated. I am sure it will also help in determining club accuracy but that would be against the rules :-). The slope feature can be turned off and becomes legal for play."

TGW customer review from TYuschak