Taylormade M2 Tour Irons


TaylorMade M2 Tour Irons

Small Shape, Big Distance

In creating the M2 Tour iron, TaylorMade’s engineers set out to combine all of the attributes of an elite game-improvement iron, most notably exceptional distance, high trajectory and max forgiveness, with the clean, compact look of a players club. The technology utilized in the M2 iron to deliver impressive results in terms of trajectory, distance, and forgiveness are still evident in M2 Tour, but the appearance of the club has been streamlined to suit the eye of the better player, as the overall profile of the clubhead is smaller and features a thinner topline and less offset. Additionally, M2 Tour provides the feel and impact sound more often found in a players club.


Set Composition 3 Iron - Pitching Wedge
Available Separately A-Wedge • Sand Wedge
Stock Grip Golf Pride Tour Velvet Grey End Cap, 51.5 grams
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Ideal For:

A wide variety of golfers and multiple player profiles. Sure, a really good player who values shot-making above all else would likely go for something more reminiscent of a muscleback. Beyond that, however, M2 Tour offers something for everyone. It would be a good fit for a low-handicap player who places a premium on forgiveness, while it would be an equally good fit for a mid-to-high handicap player who desires a cleaner look and smaller profile but needs the M2 Tour’s technology for improved distance and a higher ball flight. In short, this is TaylorMade’s most versatile product in the 2016 iron line.

360° Undercut

This feature serves two purposes. It removes weight from the topline of the club, which lowers the CG (center of gravity) and improves launch, and it expands the unsupported area of the clubface to keep ball speeds high on shots struck off the heel or toe.

360 degrees Undercut

Speed Pocket

Launch angles are increased and faster ball speeds preserved by the Speed Pocket, which also improves forgiveness on shots struck low on the clubface.

Speed Pocket

Inverted Cone Technology/Thin Face

These components work together with the Speed Pocket to maintain higher ball speeds from impact points across the face.

Inverted Cone Technology/Thin Face

Sound Management System

The cavity badge system removes vibrations to improve the overall feel of the club and its sound at impact.

Sound Management System

Advanced Sole Design

The M2 Tour’s sole is narrower to provide players the opportunity to work the ball more easily but it still provides the playing advantages of a wider sole.

What They're Saying...

“How do we get the forgiveness, the distance, the high launch of a game-improvement iron but give it to the golfer in a way where it looks a little more elegant at address -- a little slimmer, a little less offset, the topline’s a little thinner -- to give the player confidence that he can still work the ball and get good feel out of the golf club? Really, the M2 Tour is about that objective and completing that objective.”

Tomo Bystedt, TaylorMade Senior Director of Global Irons

What Players Like You Are Saying...

“For me personally, I think I would go with the M2 Tour. I prefer the look of it because it’s just a little bit smaller clubhead. The biggest difference was the forgiveness; it’s a little bit more forgiving than what I’m playing now.”

TGW customer Mike, 9 handicap, live testing at TaylorMade, 3/9/16

“M2 Tour really surprised me. This club looks really clean. Compared to the M2, it’s got a little smoother feel but still launched the ball nicely. It definitely exceeded my expectations in terms of the feel and the look.”

TGW customer Chris, 2 handicap, live testing at TaylorMade, 3/9/16

TaylorMade M2 Tour Irons
Club Loft Length Lie Angle Offset Swing Weight
#3 18.5° 38.75" 60.5° 4.1mm D2
#4 20.5° 38.25" 61° 3.8mm D2
#5 23° 37.75" 61.5° 3.5mm D2
#6 26.5° 37.25" 62° 3.2mm D2
#7 30.5° 36.75" 62.5° 2.9mm D2
#8 35° 36.25" 63° 2.6mm D2
#9 40° 35.75" 63.5° 2.3mm D2
#PW 45° 35.5" 64° 2.0mm D3
#AW 50° 35.5" 64.5° 1.6mm D5
#SW 55° 35.25" 64.5° 1.0mm D5
TaylorMade Premium Shaft Options
Available No Upcharge Shafts
True Temper XP 95
Flex Weight Torque Launch
R300 94g 1.8° Mid-High
S300 96g 1.0° Mid-High
True Temper Dynamic Gold
Flex Weight Torque Launch
R300 127g 1.8° Low
S300 130g 1.8° Low
X100 130g 1.5° Low
KBS C-Taper 90
Flex Weight Torque Launch
Regular 90g 2.2° Mid-High
Stiff 90g 2.1° Mid-High
KBS C-Taper Lite
Flex Weight Torque Launch
Regular 105g 2.2° Mid-High
Stiff 110g 2.1° Mid-High
Extra Stiff 115g 2.1° Mid-High
KBS C-Taper
Flex Weight Torque Launch
Stiff 120g 1.9° Low
Extra Stiff 130g 1.8° Low
KBS 90
Flex Weight Torque Launch
Regular 101g 1.5° Mid-High
Stiff 102g 1.5° Mid-High
KBS Tour 90
Flex Weight Torque Launch
Regular 95g 1.5° Mid-High
Stiff 102g 1.5° Mid-High
KBS Tour 105
Flex Weight Torque Launch
Regular 105g 2.5° Mid-High
Stiff 105g 2.5° Mid-High
KBS Tour
Flex Weight Torque Launch
Regular 110g 1.5° Mid
Stiff 120g 1.3° Mid
Extra Stiff 130g 1.2° Mid
KBS Tour V
Flex Weight Torque Launch
Stiff 110g 2.0° Mid
Extra Stiff 120g 1.9° Mid
Nippon NS Pro 950 GH
Flex Weight Torque Launch
Regular 95g 2.0° High
Stiff 98g 1.9° High
Project X Rifle Project X
Flex Weight Torque Launch
5.5 115g 1.4° Low
6 95g 1.3° Low
6.5 130g 1.2° Low

This product is no longer available

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