Srixon Z H65 Hybrids


Srixon Z H65 Hybrids

High, Forgiving Launching Hybrids

With its new Z H65, Srixon is golfers exactly what they want and need in a hybrid, that being the ability to launch the ball high in the air with ease for greater control into a green or off the tee. The higher launch angles generated by the H65 hybrids are the result of a progressive CG placement, which positions the center of gravity low and deep in the clubhead depending on loft to achieve optimal launch. Aiding in the higher launch is an Arc Support Channel built into the crown. The channel gets progressively deeper depending on loft and not only helps with launch but also produces optimal spin for players, which leads to maximum distance and a more consistent ball flight. Additionally, the higher lofted H65 hybrids were constructed with a more rounded sole to help improve workability. The Z H65 hybrids are available in lofts of 16, 19, and 22 degrees, with the stock shaft being the Miyazaki Kaula 7, a mid-launch, mid-spin shaft in the 70-gram weight class. Other custom shaft options are available as well at no upcharge.


Club/Loft Options 2H/16° • 3H/19° • 4H/22°
Stock Shafts Miyazaki Kaula Mizu Graphite
Stock Grip Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360, 50 grams
Click the Enter Custom Specs tab above for premium shaft/grip options. No upcharge shaft options are listed below.

Ideal For:

Players of all ability levels. The high launch conditions, impressive distance, and ample forgiveness created by the Z H65 hybrids will make for a great alternative for high- and low-handicappers alike who are seeking alternatives to their long irons. And that combination of playability, as well as exceptional feel and acoustics, is why it’s a good bet that H65 hybrids will land in the bags of golfers with dramatically differing playing profiles.

Arc Support Channel

A channel in the crown that gets progressively deeper depending on loft helps creates higher launch and optimal spin.

Arc Support Channel

Optimized CG Locations

Lower CG placement in the lower lofts enables higher launch, while higher CG placement and a more rounded sole in the higher lofts creates versatility and workability.

Optimized CG Locations

What They're Saying...

“This is a very playable option for a wide range of players. This is a club that does feature the Arc Support Channel. That is going to allow the face to be more flexible so that no matter where you hit it on the face it’s going to allow the face to be more responsive and more consistent so you have more consistent distance control and more confidence.”

Eli Miller, Srixon Golf Product Manager

Srixon Z H65 Hybrids
Club Loft Length Lie Angle
2H 16° 40.75" 59°
3H 19° 40.25" 59.5°
4H 22° 39.75" 60°

This product is no longer available

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