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Cobra Mens King F6 Irons
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Cobra Mens King F6 Irons

Hand: Left
Set Composition: #4-GW
Shaft: FST Steel
Flex: Stiff
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Cobra Mens King F6 Irons

A New Era Of Irons Is Born

The King F6 is what Cobra would classify as its true game-improvement iron, meaning from a performance standpoint players can expect higher launch angles, more distance, and maximum forgiveness. What’s most unique about the F6 is the progressive TECFLO construction utilized throughout the set. The 3-5 irons are hollow and the 6-7 irons are half-hollow, design features that improve playability, as the hollow and half-hollow construction enable thinner clubfaces for more speed and a lower CG to improve launch conditions. The 8-PW, meanwhile, are traditional cavity backs, and the gap and sand wedges have more of a blade design. Better feel, control, and workability will be the performance benefits of those constructions in the scoring clubs. The F6 irons also feature a Speed Channel that promotes faster ball speeds from impact points across the face, as well as a progressive groove pattern that imparts less spin with the longer irons and more with the shorter irons. Lightweight steel and graphite options are available in terms of a stock shaft for the F6 irons, but other choices are available at no upcharge as well.


Set Composition 4 Iron through Gap Wedge
Grip Lamkin REL 360
Shaft FST Steel
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Ideal For:

A wide variety of golfers. Cobra touts F6 as a game-improvement iron but its refined look and impressive performance attributes make it a realistic option for better players as well. Case in point, Jesper Parnevik recently won on the Champions Tour using F6 irons. High-handicappers who need more distance and higher launch to improve their iron play will love how the F6 irons perform, while some lower-handicap players will appreciate the way the F6 irons look at address, especially when considering how forgiving these clubs are through the set.

Cobra King F6 Golf Irons

TGW visits Cobra to discuss the Cobra King F6 Golf Irons.

Thin-Optimized-Personalized Technology

T.O.P. technology allows five grams of weight to be moved lower and further back in the clubhead to create a lower CG, which generates higher launch conditions.

Speed Channel

The Speed Channel is positioned along the sole and around the perimeter of the upper cavity back to enable a more flexible clubface, which increases ball speeds from all impact points.

TECFLO Construction

A progressive design in the long irons, mid irons, short irons, and wedges allows each club to perform as intended, most notably higher launch and more distance in the longer irons and more control and feel in the shorter irons.

What They're Saying...

“F6 is very exciting for us. It’s what we would call our game-improvement iron, and it’s really that middle of the market product that golfers want. We have something called the Speed Channel around the sole and inside the head that gives us a lot more speed on the mis-hits and helps get the ball up quickly.”

Tom Olsavsky, Cobra Vice President of Research & Development

“The other thing that’s exciting is something called Flo-Tec. What we do with Flo-Tec, our long irons are hollow, our mid irons are half-hollows, our short irons are cavity backs, and our wedges are more of a muscleback style. The hollow gives us a lot more playability benefits.”

Tom Olsavsky, Cobra Vice President of Research & Development

Cobra Mens King F6 Irons
Club Loft Length Lie Angle Offset Swing Weight
#3 18° 40" 60° 5.5mm D1
#4 20° 39.25" 61° 5.5mm D1
#5 23° 38.5" 61.5° 5.0mm D1
#6 26° 37.75" 62° 4.0mm D1
#7 30° 37.25" 62.5° 4.0mm D1
#8 35° 36.75" 63° 3.5mm D1
#9 40° 36.25” 63.5° 3.0mm D1
#PW 45° 36" 64° 2.5mm D2
#GW 50° 35.75" 64° 1.0mm D2
#SW 55° 35.5" 64° 0.8mm D3