Callaway Men's XR16 OS Irons


Callaway Men's XR16 OS Irons

Easier To Hit Longer With More Forgiving Performance

Is the XR OS a game-improvement iron? Absolutely. Callaway’s latest iron offering is easy to hit, produces higher launch angles, and generates plenty of distance, all common attributes of a game-improvement iron. But the XR OS also has a clean look that will appeal to players who find some game-improvement irons too bulky for their tastes. In terms of performance, the distance and forgiveness that comes with the XR OS is driven by a thin, hot clubface, while wider soles make these irons easy to hit from different types of lie conditions. Most notable, however, is the extremely low CG placement, which provides incredible launch angles. The XR OS also features a progressive loft and length design through the set to maximize performance with each individual iron. In terms of a stock shaft, lightweight options in both graphite and steel are offered, but other options are available as well for the player who wants a heavier shaft.


Set Composition #4 Iron - Gap Wedge
Available Separately Sand Wedge
Stock Shafts Mitsubishi Fubuki AT Graphite • TT Speed Step 80 Steel
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Ideal For:

Golfers looking for the performance benefits of a game-improvement iron. The XR OS irons were designed to deliver more distance, higher launch angles, and max forgiveness. While those attributes most often appeal to higher-handicappers, the clean look of the XR OS will make it a strong candidate for a better player who places a premium on forgiveness. That being the case, expect to see the XR OS in the bags of players with vastly different playing profiles.

360 Face Cup

A multi-piece structure that supports the entire clubface, the Face Cup creates faster ball speeds from impact points across the face.

360 Face Cup

Specialized Heat Treatment

The Face Cup undergoes heat treatment to enable even faster ball speeds, while the body of the club also undergoes heat treatment, which improves feel at impact.

Specialized Heat Treatment

What They're Saying...

“Maximum forgiveness as far as our product line. It has the most offset, it’s the longest blade, and it’s for players looking to get the ball in the air with maximum distance. It’s a very forgiving club compared to a lot of our lineup.”

John Degen, Callaway Manager of Tour Fitting

What Golfers Like You Are Saying...

“It’s incredibly forgiving. It’s the first thing you notice right off the bat. Whatever technology they have built in here, it definitely works. I’m actually quite amazed. I guess you’d call them game-improvement irons; they work even for better players. They’re distance irons and they go farther and they’re much more forgiving -- nothing wrong with going farther and being more forgiving in my view.”

TGW customer Baber, 5 handicap, live testing at Callaway, 3/8/16

“At address, it looks very, very easy to hit. I think for the higher-handicap golfer it’s a great club. I had no problem getting the ball straight up in the air and it just kind of hung in the air for a long time.”

TGW customer Dave, 1 handicap, live testing at Callaway, 3/8/16

Callaway XR16 OS Irons
Club Loft Length Lie Angle Offset Swing Weight
#4 22° 39.125" 60.5° 0.260 D2
#5 25° 38.5" 61.25° 0.250 D2
#6 28° 37.875" 62° 0.240 D2
#7 31.5° 37.25" 62.5° 0.230 D2
#8 35° 36.625" 63° 0.220 D2
#9 39° 36" 63.5° 0.210 D2
#PW 44° 35.75” 64° 0.200 D2
#AW 49° 35.5" 64° 0.175 D2
#SW 54° 35.25" 64° 0.175 D2

This product is no longer available

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