Arccos Golf Equipment

As a company, Arccos believes that a golfer’s fastest path to a better golf game is through an accumulation of data, which gives players the ability to identify their strengths and weaknesses and enables them to focus attention on aspects of their game that need the most practice time. That being the case, Arccos products offer golfers advanced stat-tracking capability related to every aspect of their game, including statistics such as driving distance and accuracy, up-and-down percentage, and greens in regulation, among many others. To accumulate that data, many of Arccos’ products use lightweight, non-invasive sensors that attach to the butt end of each club and pair easily with a player’s smartphone. And that’s not all that Arccos products offer, however, as many also function as GPS devices, which give players the data they need on the golf course to pick the right clubs and hit the right shots, as well as improve their course management.

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