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PING G Le: Designed specifically to give ladies optimal playability

Ping G LE Clubs at the 2017 PGA Show

Ping G LE Clubs at the 2017 PGA Show

PING Ladies G LE Driver PING Ladies G LE Fairways PING Ladies G LE Combo Irons

One area in which PING continues to excel year after year is its ability to provide its loyal customer base with exceptionally playable golf clubs.

That said, when it comes to playability, women are going to have different needs than men. So when it came to designing its new line of G Le golf clubs, PING went to great lengths to make sure that it was giving its female players everything they needed to enjoy more success on the course.

“It was a really fun project to work on,” said PING Director of Product Development Marty Jertson when asked about G Le. “It’s branded under our G umbrella, but everything is specifically engineered for the female player.”

Within the G Le lineup, PING is offering a driver, fairway woods, and combo irons, the latter of which allows players to customize their set with a mix of hybrids and irons.

Of particular note, extra attention was paid to the development of the clubs from a weighting standpoint to improve performance.

“The swing weighting and the total weight, the shaft weights, that whole combination, the grip weight and the softness of the grip … everything is custom engineered,” Jertson said. “The weighting is a really big deal in terms of being able to square the golf club up.”

And in PING’s research leading up to the creation of the G Le products, especially as it related to the woods in the lineup, making it easier for players to square the clubface at impact was a top priority.

“What we found is that the female golfer not only wants to hit it a little bit further, like everyone does, (but) they really don’t like the challenge of squaring the golf club up, for the right-handed player those misses to the right,” Jertson added. “So we made dramatic improvements across the board.”

Included in those improvements for the G Le driver and fairway woods was a shift of the CG slightly toward the heel, technology that has been extremely successful in PING’s G SF TEC driver, as moving weight toward the heel helps players close the toe more easily through impact, with the result being straighter shots.

Additionally, lighter swing weights in all of the G Le clubs, hybrids and irons included, also aid in helping players eliminate a slice or push shots, resulting in much improved accuracy through the bag.

Of course, as Jertson indicated, the ladies also want more distance, and PING was able to deliver in that regard by utilizing thinner, more flexible clubfaces through the G Le line, thinner by as much as 13 percent in some cases.

And again, that decision was made specifically for women, as the thinner faces were implemented to provide optimal performance in conjunction with the swing speeds that ladies typically produce, which in turn leads to increases in ball speed.

That, however, is not the only benefit of the thinner clubfaces in the G Le line when it comes to improved playability.

“Not only are we getting more ball speed but they go in the air easier,” Jertson explained. “We’re definitely seeing more distance, we’re seeing less shot bend to the right, and higher launch and higher trajectory, all of which has been amazing to watch in our player validation testing.”

Also of note for the G Le woods, PING has incorporated many of the aerodynamic features that have worked so well in the G line, including Vortec Technology, Crown Turbulators, and Dragonfly Technology, all of which help create more speed and distance by reducing air drag.

Said Jertson. “Regardless of clubhead speed, our aerodynamic innovations will help players.”

The PING G Le driver, which features a 460cc clubhead that actually has a smaller footprint than one might expect, comes standard with 11.5 degrees of loft, but its adjustable hosel allows players to adjust loft by +/- 1 degree.

The fairway woods, meanwhile, are available in four models, a 3-wood (19 degrees), 5-wood (22 degrees), 7-wood (26 degrees), and 9-wood (30 degrees).

As for the combo irons, 4-, 5-, and 6-hybrids, which have 22, 26, and 30 degrees of loft, respectively, are available to pair with 5-iron through sand wedge depending on a player's preference for her set make-up.

All G Le golf clubs feature PING’s proprietary ULT 230 graphite shafts in either lite or ultra lite flexes. The ULT 230 was designed to offer players high launch conditions in an effort to maximize carry distance. Additionally, the G Le lineup also feature PING 5L grips.