Wilson Women's D300 Fairways


Wilson Women's D300 Fairway Woods

Technology, Aerodynamics Leading To Explosive Distance

Wilson’s new D300 women's fairway woods were designed first and foremost to deliver from a distance standpoint, but the impressive distance they create does not come at the expense of accuracy, feel, or look. Keying the distance of the D300 fairways are Right Light Technology and Micro Vortex Generators. Right Light Technology is enabling lighter overall golf clubs that produce increased clubhead speed but still offer balance and stability. Micro Vortex Generators, meanwhile, are used on the crown to reduce air drag, which helps lead to improved distance. Additionally, Carpenter 455 Face Inserts have been utilized in the design to create a thinner clubface that delivers higher ball speeds. Wilson D300 women’s fairway woods have a swing weight of C6.5 and come in lofts of 15.5, 18.5, and 21.5 degrees. The stock shaft, meanwhile, is the UST Mamiya SL 45, and the stock grip is the Wilson Staff Ladies Winn.


Stock Shaft UST Mamiya SL 45
Stock Grip Wilson Staff Ladies Winn
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Ideal For:

Players of all ability levels. Higher-handicappers who are in need of more distance will love the additional yardage they’ll pick with the D300 women's fairways without having to overswing, while lower-handicappers will appreciate the compact, traditional look and the solid, muted feel that also comes as part of the D300 package. In short, these are fairways that will perform for and perfectly suit a wide array of players.

Micro Vortex Generators

Reduce air drag during the swing for more speed and enhanced distance.

Micro Vortex Generators

Carpenter 455 Face Insert

Allows for a thinner, hotter face that generates faster ball speeds from across the clubface.

Carpenter 455 Face Insert

Right Light Technology

A new approach to weighting and balance allows for additional clubhead speed without more effort.

Right Light Technology

What Players Like You Are Saying...

“I thought they were really easy to swing. The 3-wood, if you catch it square in the face, it’s gone. It’s kind of a unique sound that I hadn’t really heard before. It’s almost like it’s muted a little bit.”

TGW customer Miles, 8 handicap

Wilson Women's D300 Fairway Wood Shaft Information
UST Mamiya SL 45
Flex Weight Torque Launch
Ladies 45g 5.8° High

This product is no longer available

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