Wilson Women's D300 Driver


Wilson Women's D300 Driver

Technology, Aerodynamics Leading To Explosive Distance

Distance, distance, and more distance. That’s what Wilson engineers were aiming for when they created the new Staff D300 Women's Driver, and that goal has been realized in a number of ways, starting with Right Light Technology and Micro Vortex Generators. Right Light Technology allows for lighter golf clubs that produce increased clubhead speed while still providing balance and stability throughout the swing and at impact. Micro Vortex Generators, meanwhile, have been positioned on the crown to reduce drag, which also helps lead to improved distance. Also of note, the D300 drivers feature Wilson’s smaller, lightweight Fast Fit adjustable hosel. Players can adjust their driver by +/- 1 degree of loft without removing the clubhead, and three draw bias settings are also available. Wilson D300 women’s drivers have a swing weight of C2 and come at a stock length of 44.5 inches. The lone model being offered is the HL, which has a loft of 13.5 degrees in a neutral setting, and it’s available only for right-handers. The stock shaft is the UST Mamiya SL 45, and the stock grip is the Wilson Staff Ladies Winn.


Stock Shaft UST Mamiya SL 45
Stock Grip Wilson Staff Ladies Winn
Adjustability +/- 1° of loft adjustability in 1° increments
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Ideal For:

Players of all ability levels. The performance attributes of the Wilson D300 women's driver, most notably impressive distance and ample forgiveness, would on the surface seem to appeal most to high- and mid-handicap players. And that category of golfer could certainly benefit from this driver. This, however, is also a golf club that has a clean, compact look and delivers a solid, muted sound and feel at impact, which is likely to appeal to better players. All said, the D300 driver is likely to make its way into the bags of a wide variety of golfers.

Micro Vortex Generators

Reduce drag during the swing for more speed and enhanced distance.

Micro Vortex Generators

Fast Fit Hosel

The small, light adjustable hosel has six settings, including three that enable a draw bias, and allow adjustments to be made extremely quickly.

Fast Fit Hosel

Right Light Technology

A new approach to weighting and balance allows for additional clubhead speed without more effort.

Right Light Technology

What They're Saying...

“We’re trying to make the lightest driver we can that still gets the right launch, the right spin, maximizes ball speed, and provides the feel and feedback you need. We did a lot of heavy engineering and research to be able to get all of that into a lightweight package.”

Michael Vrska, Wilson Golf Global Director of Innovation

What Players Like You Are Saying...

“Honestly, it surprised me. It carried very well. Anytime you put a halfway decent swing on it, it wanted to stay pretty straight.”

TGW customer Miles, 8 handicap

Wilson Women's D300 Driver Shaft Information
UST Mamiya SL 45
Flex Weight Torque Launch
Ladies 45g 5.8° High

This product is no longer available

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