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Wilson Staff Mens Triton DVD Driver

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Wilson Mens Staff Triton DVD Driver

Optimal Personalization And Performance

Wilson’s reality TV show Driver vs. Driver, which aired on Golf Channel, kept viewers on the edge of their seats in terms of who would deliver the winning design. The ultimate victor was Eric Sillies, whose Triton driver is now part of the Wilson lineup. Also a winner was Wilson itself, as the show gave the resurging company some excellent exposure. Additionally, some of its most high-profile touring professionals, including Kevin Streelman, are going to put the Wilson Staff Triton DVD into play immediately, which helps validate the show’s concept. In terms of the winning Triton, highlighting its design features are two different sole plate options that help fine tune launch angles and spin rates, one of which was specifically designed to meet the needs of high-speed players who need to lower launch and spin. Additionally, five moveable weights come standard with the Triton and can be positioned in three weight ports to help players achieve their optimal trajectory and ball flight. A lightweight adjustable hosel also helps golfers optimize their flight conditions, as loft can be adjusted by +/- 1 degree, and separate draw settings are available as well. In addition to all of its customization features, the Triton also delivers exceptional distance and forgiveness thanks to its high MOI design and the reduced drag that the aerodynamic clubhead produces during the swing. It also has a unique alignment feature on the crown that’s being called Visible Swing Active Technology to help players improve their setup and alignment. The Wilson Staff Triton DVD is available in lofts of 9, 10.5, and 12 degrees. It comes stock with a player’s choice of an Aldila Rogue Silver or Aldila Rogue Black shaft.


Stock Shaft Aldila Rogue Silver, Aldila Rogue Black
Adjustability +/- 1° of loft adjustability in 1° increments
Click the Enter Custom Specs tab above for custom shaft & grip options

Ideal For:

Players of all ability levels. While some might have been skeptical about the Driver vs. Driver concept, the winning Staff Triton DVD has all of the features of the leading drivers on the market, headlined by its tremendous customization options. Additionally, this is a driver that has consistently produced impressive numbers in testing and will have an immediate presence on Tour. The Triton will likely draw significant curiosity based on its history, and it’s a good bet that plenty of players of all ability levels who give the Triton a try will keep it in the bag.

Wilson Staff Triton - Tech X Five

Wilson Staff Triton - Tech X Five

Changeable Sole Plates

Two sole plates, one weighing nine grams and one weighing 22 grams, enable players to fine tune their launch and spin conditions.

Moveable Weight System

Three weight ports and five different weights help golfers achieve their desired trajectory and ball flight.

Visible Swing Active Technology

An alignment aid on the crown contributes to consistent setup and center-face contact on a more regular basis.

What They're Saying ...

“The Pivot was a great driver as well, but the Triton winning really came down to two things. The performance of the Triton was a little bit better, and the technology was far superior. They were both great drivers but I’m absolutely confident that we made the right decision. The best driver won and we think when people get it in their hands they’ll see that. There’s a lot of technology that we’re proud of.”

Michael Vrska, Wilson Golf Global Innovation Director

“When you include the shaft it’s not unheard of to get 1,000 RPM change (in spin rate). You can get some really big swings in spin and launch angle, up to a degree or even a degree and a half. There are a lot of options, but it’s not overwhelming. (Players) can really dial in what they want.”

Michael Vrska, Wilson Golf Global Innovation Director

Wilson Staff Mens Triton DVD Driver Shaft Information
Aldila Rogue Black 60 95 MSI
Flex Weight Torque Launch
Senior 65g 4.2° Mid-to-high
Regular 67g 4.0° Mid-to-high
Stiff 69g 3.6° Mid-to-high
Aldila Rogue Silver 60 125 MSI
Flex Weight Torque Launch
Stiff 65g 3.4° Low-to-mid