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Volvik DS77 Yellow Golf Balls

Color: Yellow
Golf Ball Quantity: 12-Ball Pack
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Volvik DS77 Yellow Golf Balls

Extreme Distance and Soft Feel!

Volvik's unique and patented technologies make them a leader in golf ball innovation, not only as the highest quality color golf balls on the market, but as the highest quality golf balls regardless of color. All Volvik balls are strenuously tested to provide unmatched durability and are designed to maximize energy transfer, resulting in greater distance. They also use higher grade materials and manufacturing processes that no one else in the industry utilizes due to their high cost.

Volvik DS77 Yellow Golf Balls feature:

  • Construction: Two-piece
  • High COR for maximum ball speed and a 77 compression to reduce driver spin, resulting in extreme distance.
  • High velocity core for maximum ball speed.
  • Low driver-spin and longer impact time increases distance and minimizes unnecessary side-spin.
  • DualSpin core produces less driver spin off the tee and more greenside spin with wedges.
  • Soft-core, cover and 372 dimple ball flight time delivers an increased flight time and reduces drag for more distance off the tee.
  • Soft core produces a pleasant soft feel and more accurate shot control and an excellent putting feel.