Under Armour Golf Shoes Reviews

Spieth One BOA

Under Armour Mens Spieth One BOA Golf Shoes

This year, Under Armour introduced its first athlete-specific golf shoe in coordination with Jordan Spieth. By working with a Major champion on the PGA Tour, Under Armour’s goal was to create a high quality, professional-level performance golf shoe. The Under Armour Spieth One golf shoe is a shoe that checks all the boxes for a golfer looking for maximum performance. Leather uppers, waterproof treatment, locked-in fit and sturdy outsole are all here. Let’s take a look.

When taking the Spieth One shoes out of the box, you notice the substantial build right away. The weight in your hand says this is a durable shoe. The upper feels sleek and smooth, like a classic leather golf shoe. Under Armour also built the uppers with UA Storm Technology to create a 100% waterproof barrier for your feet without losing breathability. Based on first appearance, the outsole on the Spieth One golf shoes is impressive. It’s built with a nine-spike design for serious traction. There’s five Champ spikes and four UA Rotational Resistant spikes. UA’s Rotational Resistant spikes are a new style of cleat that prevents the foot from rotating as you swing, allowing you to load up more power. They’ve also included some secondary traction features on the TPU outsole for an aggressive look and grip.

Next, it was time to try them on. When you slip your foot inside, it feels like a high-quality leather shoe. The uppers are soft and flexible. We also immediately noticed the breathability in the shoes. It feels like you could get these shoes wet and keep your feet cool without soaking your socks. Our tester tried on their normal size of 11.5 medium and noted an interesting fit. The width is perfect and the cushioned heel comfortably locks the foot in. However, the shoes did run a bit long. We wouldn’t call them a full half-size big, but it’s something to consider if you’re somewhere between sizes. The mid-sole feels light underfoot and responds to each step for a comfortable walking experience. Finally, the Spieth One golf shoes create an incredible stable base with the TPU outsole. There is absolutely no threat of slipping with a golf shoe built like this. The UA Rotational Resistant spikes are unlike anything we’ve experienced before. The unique shape of the spikes locks onto the ground and keeps the foot planted firmly while you swing. WIth two spikes placed on the outer side of the forefoot and the inner side of the heel, it creates a balance that lets you generate power without swinging out of your shoes.

Under Armour leaves no doubt their Spieth One golf shoe is made for performance with Tour-level validation from Jordan Spieth. This shoe looks and feels like it was built for the rigors of the highest levels of the game. Their first athlete signature golf shoe is a success thanks to starting with top quality materials and adding in some signature UA innovation. Under Armour has created a waterproof golf shoe that looks and feels great. Most importantly, we feel the Spieth Ones set a new standard for spiked golf shoe traction. Every golfer can benefit from this new level of grip and with sizes 7-15 available in medium and wide widths, there’s a fit for every player.