Cameron & Crown: Traditional, elegant, and designed to play perfectly at 33 inches

Titleist Scotty Cameron & Crown Putter
Titleist Scotty Cameron & Crown Putter

Scotty Cameron isn’t the most popular putter designer in the world by accident. In addition to a lengthy track record of making exceptional putters, Cameron also has listened to his many loyal fans in terms of what they want.

And it was his dedication to the golfing public that led to the original release of the Cameron & Crown line in 2016, which featured putters that were designed to play at 33 inches.

“Each year, I’ve had increasingly more requests for 33-inch putters,” Cameron said. “(Cameron & Crown) was so well-received last year that we decided to offer four new models with this release.”

Some might wonder what the significance of a shorter putter is in terms of playability, and the answer is that it comes down to improving setup, which is a crucial component when it comes to having success on the greens.

A 33-inch putter can offer setup advantages for certain players, as it will allow them to get their eyes positioned correctly and/or give them the ability to let their arms hang naturally to better release the putter through impact.

As for the new models that are being offered as part of the Cameron & Crown line in 2017, Cameron dipped into his highly popular Select and Futura lines for the head shapes that were chosen.

Included will be the iconic Newport blade, the Newport Mallet 1, which is a mid-sized mallet design, and two high-MOI mallet designs in the Futura 5MB and 6M.

But the head designs are where the similarities end when it comes to Cameron & Crown.

“Each Cameron & Crown putter has been designed to be 33 inches in length at the proper weight with the correct grip,” Cameron said.

More specifically, Cameron & Crown putters utilize 20-gram heel and toe weights in the putter head to provide exceptional balance during the stroke, as well as enhanced forgiveness on mis-hits.

Additionally, each Cameron & Crown model features multi-material construction to offer exceptional feel and acoustics, and a Silver Mist finish has been utilized in each design to create classic, elegant aesthetics.

And finally, 2017 Cameron & Crown putters feature a standard size Scotty Cameron Gray Matador grip that was chosen to complement the entire package visually and provide feedback and feel throughout the stroke.

Each new Cameron & Crown model is available for order now, and they will ship to consumers beginning on June 16.

Futura line highlights new 2017 releases from Scotty Cameron

Titleist Scotty Cameron Futura Putter Line at the 2017 PGA Show

Check out the Titleist Scotty Cameron 2017 Futura Putter Line

Titleist Scotty Cameron 2017 Futura 5W Putter
Titleist Scotty Cameron 2017 Futura 5W Putter

Through the years, renowned putter designer Scotty Cameron might be best known for his iconic blade-style products, so many of which have been in various players’ bags, Tiger Woods most notably, for countless PGA Tour and major championship victories.

But where Cameron might not get as much credit as he deserves is when it comes to his higher MOI designs. Not only have those putters given golfers the added forgiveness that they need, but Cameron has also been able to provide that enhanced forgiveness in stylistic, artful designs that remain true to his overall body of work.

Just released for 2017 from Titleist and Scotty Cameron is the new Futura line, a collection of mallet and mid-mallet style putters. And while they might vary in size and shape, all of the new Futura putters give players improved stability at impact without sacrificing the trademark look and feel that Cameron putters are known for.

“The Futura line is really a fun part of the product line for Scotty,” said Michael Bradley, Director of Marketing for Scotty Cameron Putters. “These are larger clubheads. Scotty kind of jokingly refers to them as wings and things, but there are a lot of great benefits that come from those larger clubheads.”

Of course, benefit No. 1 is higher MOI and the better performance that comes with it on mis-hits, which has been accomplished in a couple of ways in the Futura line.

For starters, multi-material construction allows for larger clubhead sizes and enables discretionary weight to be pushed toward the perimeter of the putter head to increase forgiveness.

“The Futura line is all about high MOI,” Bradley added. “That simply translates into forgiveness and resistance to twist on off-center hits. With these larger clubheads and multi-material designs in Futura, Scotty is able to distribute weight out and back, which makes a very stable and forgiving putter.”

Adding to the stability of the Futura line is heel-toe weighting, which also gives these putters exceptional balance throughout the stroke, while enhanced alignment options such as milled sight lines are making it easier for players to set up correctly and get the ball started on their intended line.

Also of note, a vibration dampening system has been incorporated into the design to give players the soft feel at impact they love but also the feedback they need to improve their performance on the greens.

There are seven models (5CB, 5MB, 5W, 5S, 6M, 6M DB, 7M) to choose from in the new Futura lineup, and they have been designated according to size by the numbers 5, 6, and 7, with 5 representing the smallest head shapes and 7 the largest.

These are also putters that have been designed not only for players looking for more forgiveness but also for those with specific types of putting strokes.

“The new Futura line, across the board, is comprised of near face-balanced putters, which are more oriented toward a 'straight back and straight through' or slight arc type of stroke,” Bradley said.

The new Futura models are available in lengths of 33, 34, and 35 inches and with black Matador Midsize grips, with the exception of the the 6M DB, which as a dual-balanced putter comes at a stock length of 38 inches and with a black Matador Mid DB grip.

Cameron adds new head design to popular Select line

Titleist Scotty Cameron 2017 Select Newport 3 Putter Line

Check out the Titleist Scotty Cameron 2017 Select Newport 3 Putter Line

Titleist Scotty Cameron Select Newport 3 Putters

The seven putters in the Futura line, however, aren’t the only new releases from Scotty Cameron for 2017.

He’s also making an exciting addition to the highly successful Select line with the introduction of Newport 3, which is a brand new head design.

“The Newport 3 is a heel-shafted, flow-neck beautiful rounded tear-drop shaped mid-mallet,” explained Bradley. “Really beautiful design. It’s a high toe flow putter oriented more towards a more arcing, flowing stroke.”

Like the other members of the Select family, the Newport 3 was constructed with a multi-material approach (stainless steel and 6061 aircraft aluminum) to maximize performance, and its heel-toe weighting provides exceptional balance throughout the stroke and enhanced forgiveness on mis-hits.

Additionally, a vibration dampening system provides tremendous feel and acoustics at impact while still giving players ample feedback about the quality of their strike.

As mentioned, as a heel-shafted putter with a flow neck design, the Newport 3 will work best for players with significant arcs in their putting stroke.

The Newport 3 is available at lengths of 33, 34, and 35 inches and comes stock with a red Matador Midsize grip.

Like the Newport 3, The rest of the current Select family lineup also features options that have been designed for players with moderate to more pronounced arcs in their putting strokes.

The available models include the Newport, Newport 2, Newport 2 Notchback, and Newport 2.5, all of which are classic blade designs, along with the Mallet 1 and Mallet 2, both of which are more compact mid-mallet designs.

Additionally, there is the Newport 2 Notchback DB, which is a counterbalanced model that was created for players who are looking to smooth out their stroke but still prefer the look of a classic blade.

Of that impressive group, however, the most iconic design would have to be the Newport 2, which was used famously by Tiger Woods to win 13 of his 14 professional majors.


Titleist Scotty Cameron - Select Putter Line

Check out the Titleist Scotty Cameron Select Putter Line

Titleist Scotty Cameron - Golo Putter Line

Check out the Titleist Scotty Cameron Golo Putter Line

Titleist Scotty Cameron - Futura Putter Line

Check out the Titleist Scotty Cameron Futura Putter Line

Aesthetic beauty, exceptional feel, incredible performance, and the ability to make your playing companions green with envy. We’re talking about Scotty Cameron putters, of course, which could be likened to high-end sports cars on some levels.

Equally impressive about Scotty Cameron designed putters, beyond the way they look, feel, and perform, is the immense amount of work that goes into every putter from a fitting standpoint. And that’s especially true when it comes to letting players know which models will work best for their strokes.

To help players better understand the various offerings, Scotty Cameron putters basically fall under the umbrellas of three different families: Select, GOLO, and Futura. And with some limited exceptions, the different models within each family will all work well for a specific putting stroke.

More specifically, Select putters, which include the classic Newport blade designs, are intended for players who putt using a stroke that features an arc.

The majority of the styles in the GOLO line, meanwhile, are designed to work well with strokes that feature only a slight arc, although the GOLO 3 and GOLO 5 DB, will work well with a more pronounced arc and a straight back, straight through motion, respectively.

And finally, the different options in the Futura lineup are all face balanced, meaning they’ve been designed to work best with more of a straight back, straight through putting stroke.

Making it easy to understand all of the available options is that within the specs of each putter at the Scotty Cameron website there are “Toe Flow” designations of either Maximum, Medium, Near Minimum, or Minimum to help players make the right choice for their game.

And if you’re going to make the commitment to get everything that comes with a high-end Scotty Cameron putter, getting a style that fits your putting stroke only makes sense.

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