Titleist Men's MB 716 Irons


Titleist Men's MB 716 Irons

Maximum Shot Control

What’s interesting about irons when it comes to elite players is that they don’t want a lot of technology; they want their skill to be the driving force behind the club’s performance. And that’s exactly the type of iron that Titleist has designed in the 716 MB, as it was created for and with feedback from some of the best players in the world. A true muscleback design, the 716 MB features thin toplines, almost no offset, a squared toe shape, and compact blades. It was designed for ultimate workability and control, and its forged construction creates exceptional feel. This is not a club that’s completely void of technology, however. Pre-worn leading edges limit digging and provide better turf interaction, while a progressive CG placement produces optimal trajectory with each club in the set. The stock shaft for the 716 MB irons is True Temper Dynamic Gold, but other premium options are also available at no upcharge.


Set Composition #3-PW
Stock Shafts TT Dynamic Gold steel
Grip Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360
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TGW Customer Feedback on the Titleist MB and CB 716 Irons

Titleist MB and CB 716 Irons Customer Feedback

Ideal For:

Lower-handicap golfers who excel in terms of ball-striking. The 716 MB was designed for the player who finds the center of the clubface time and again. If you’re that type of player, this iron will offer incredibly control and workability as it relates to trajectory and ball flight. It also has an amazingly soft feel and produces a crisp, muted sound at impact. If you’re not someone who regularly finds the center of the face, however, you can expect your results to suffer from a lack of forgiveness, and the 716 CB or AP2 would probably be a better option.

Optimized CG Progression

Delivers consistency in terms of ball flight and trajectory with every club in the set.

Pre-Worn Leading Edges

Allows for better turf interaction with the result being improved contact on a more consistent basis.

What Players Like You Are Saying...

“The thing I like about it is that sawed off leading edge. The turf interaction is much better with these, and the workability is still top-notch. I think it feels fantastic. If somebody works the ball left to right more than I do, they’d love this club.”

TGW customer Jay, +4 handicap

“This is what golf clubs are supposed to look like. They’re just beautiful, and the feel when you strike it solidly is incredible. You definitely know when you mis-hit a shot, but from a results standpoint the off-center shots still flew pretty straight, which was a pleasant surprise.”

TGW customer Chris, 2 handicap

Titleist 716 MB Irons
Club Loft Length Lie Angle Offset Swing Weight
#3 21° 39" 60° .126” D2
#4 24° 38.5" 61° .122” D2
#5 27°


62° .114” D2
#6 31° 37.5" 62.5° .110” D2
#7 35° 37" 63° .098” D2
#8 39° 36.5" 63.5° .091” D2
#9 43° 36" 64° .079” D2
PW 47° 35.75" 64° .075” D2

This product is no longer available

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