Titleist Mens 915 F Fairway


Titleist Mens 915 F Golf Fairway

More Distance Through Higher Speed And Lower Spin

Long, accurate, and forgiving. That’s what Titleist is delivering in its 915F fairway woods, and who wouldn’t want that combination in their bag? Improved distance and a higher level of forgiveness are byproducts of a number of technological features implemented by Titleist engineers. Of note, the Recoil Channel in the 915F fairway woods has been positioned more forward to generate faster ball speeds and reduce spin, which provides players with more distance. A low center of gravity, meanwhile, increases MOI, and a high speed face insert and thin clubface help maintain higher ball speeds on shots struck off the heel or toe. As compared to its 915Fd counterpart, the F has a slightly larger profile that helps inspire confidence both from a tee or the fairway, and it will produce a slightly higher ball flight. As far as adjustability is concerned, 16 loft and lie combinations allow players to maximize performance and control their trajectory and ball flight. The 915F is available in lofts of 13.5, 15, 16.5, 18, and 21 degrees, and multiple premium shafts are offered as stock options at no upcharge.


Models/Lofts Strong 3/13.5° • 3W/15° • 3HL/16.5° • 5W/18° • 7W/21°
Grip Titleist Tour Velvet 360
Length Strong 3/43" • 3W/43" • 3HL/43" • 5W/42.5" • 7W/42"
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Ideal For:

Golfers of all ability levels. There’s something for everyone in the 915F fairway woods. Its shape will promote confidence, especially off of a tee, and from a playability standpoint it flat out delivers in terms of distance and forgiveness. For someone who’s looking for a little bit more workability from the fairway, the more compact 915Fd would also be worth a look, but the 915F will be a great option for low- and high-handicappers alike.

TGW Customer Feedback on the Titleist 915 F and Fd Fairways

TGW Customer Feedback on the Titleist 915 F and Fd Fairways

Recoil Channel

Having been positioned more forward in the 915F design, the Recoil Channel increases ball speeds and reduces spin from the tee or fairway.

High Speed Face Insert

Creates and maintains faster ball speeds from impact points across the clubface..

Precision Fit Hosel

Enables 16 different loft and lie combinations to help golfers achieve their preferred ball flight and trajectory.

What Players Like You Are Saying...

“A 3-wood is important to me because I hit a 3-wood off the tee a lot more than a driver actually. When we were hitting the (816) hybrids, I liked the smaller head on the hybrid. But I think I like the other way around in the 3-wood. I like the F better. I felt like I could still hit that well off the deck even though it was a bigger head. I think I got a little more distance off the tee with the F as well. I could put that in my bag today and feel like my game would get better.”

TGW customer Jordan, 7 handicap

“The better choice for me would be the 915F. I’m not a big guy as far as hitting 3-woods off the fairway. I love to hit them off the tee primarily, and this 3-wood is the one that did it for me the best. When you hit it, square it up, the thing just takes off like a rocket. It feels fantastic. But obviously nobody hits a perfect shot every time, and this club gives you that forgiveness and feels great even on mis-hits."

TGW customer Jay, +4 handicap

Titleist Mens 915F Shaft Information
Aldila Rogue Black 80
Flex Weight Torque Launch
Stiff 85g 2.8° Mid
Diamana S+ Blue 70
Flex Weight Torque Launch
Regular 67g 4.2° Mid
Stiff 71g 3.7° Mid
Diamana D+ White 80
Flex Weight Torque Launch
Stiff 83g 3.2° Low
Diamana M+ Red 60
Flex Weight Torque Launch
Senior 52g 6.0° High
Regular 54g 5.5° High
Stiff 56g 4.8° High

This product is no longer available

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