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Titleist Men's 718 CB Irons

Hand: Right
Set Composition: #3-PW
Shaft: Project X LZ Steel
Flex: 6.0
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Titleist Men's 718 CB Irons

Workability, Feel, And Control For The Better Player

When it comes to Titleist irons, the CB franchise often flies under the radar for many golfers, which doesn’t make a lot of sense when exploring all that these irons have to offer for better players. And with the new 718 CBs, the list of what these irons have to offer is even longer, as more tungsten weighting in the long and mid irons is creating more stability at impact and improved launch conditions. Additionally, new face inserts are creating more ball speed at impact, which in turn is leading to modest but valuable distance gains. But what better players have always loved about CB irons is that they weren’t built for distance; they were built for control, and that was again first and foremost on the mind of Titleist’s engineers. With their forged construction from soft 1025 carbon steel, compact blade shapes, thin toplines, narrow soles, and minimal offset, the 718 CB irons provide exceptional feel and the ability to easily shape shots and control trajectory. Also of note, a modified leading edge has improved turf interaction to provide more consistent results even when the strike isn’t perfect. New 718 CB irons are being offered with the mid-launching and highly responsive Project X LZ shaft, with other premium options also available at no upcharge, and the stock grip is the Golf Pride Tour Velvet, which is a favorite among Tour players.


Stock Shaft Project X LZ steel
Stock Grip Golf Pride Tour Velvet
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Ideal For:

Lower-handicap golfers. While additional tungsten weighting has made the 718 CB long and mid irons more forgiving, these are still irons that were designed for better ball-strikers who place a premium on feel, control, and workability, and they excel from that standpoint. All said, if you’re a player who finds the sweet spot more often than not, the 718 CBs would be a great option. However, if you don’t strike it as consistently pure as you’d like but still value the look and feel of the CB, the 718 AP2 or AP3 irons would warrant serious consideration instead.

Titleist 718 Tour/Players Irons Review

TGW customers discuss Titleist’s new 718 AP2, CB, and MB irons after testing them.

Tungsten Weighting

An average of more than 70 grams of high-density tungsten positioned in the heel and toe of the long and mid irons creates more forgiveness on mis-hits and increased stability at impact.

Strategic CG Placement

Moving the center of gravity away from the heel and more toward the center of the clubface improves feel and creates more consistency from a performance standpoint.

Refined Leading Edges

Thinner soles and a redesigned leading edge promote more efficient turf interaction to provide more consistent results on mis-hits as well as enhanced feel.

What They're Saying ...

“The construction of the 718 CB is really starting to mirror what we get in performance from our AP2. It’s a small iron, but it’s more forgiving (than the 716) and we’ve packed a lot of technology into it.”

Josh Talge, Vice President of Marketing for Titleist Golf Clubs

“These new 718 CBs outperform my 714s in every category. The feel off the clubface is softer, which I’m a big fan off, but I can also tell that there’s more speed. I love the consistency that they have throughout the set. I was very impressed.”

TGW customer Jay, +4 handicap

Titleist Men's 718 CB Irons
Club Loft Length Lie Angle Offset Swing Weight
#2 18° 39.5" 59° 3.8mm D2
#3 21° 39" 60° 3.6mm D2
#4 24° 38.5" 61° 3.3mm D2
#5 27° 38" 62° 3.1mm D2
#6 31° 37.5" 62.5° 2.8mm D2
#7 35° 37" 63° 2.6mm D2
#8 39° 36.5" 63.5° 2.3mm D2
#9 43° 36" 64° 2.1mm D2
PW 47° 35.75" 64° 1.9mm D2

Shaft Options For Titleist 718 Irons

Find out more about the different shafts being offered for Titleist’s 718 iron lineup.