Q&A with Titleist’s Jeremy Stone

Jeremy Stone
Director of Marketing for Vokey Wedges

question 1

TGW.com: For players who won’t have the chance to demo SM6 wedges before making a purchase, what advice would you give them before making their decision?

STONE: “The wedge selection process has two key steps. First, identify your distance gaps. If you have a 46° PW, a common & consistent wedge set will be 50°, 54°, 58°. This provides consistent loft gaps that will typically translate to 10-15 yard distance gaps. The next step is selecting the right grind. Choose a grind for each individual loft, based on how you use that club, for example, which club is your bunker club? Your pitching club? The key here is to identify your 'go to' shot and your weakest shot, and select a grind that maintains the 'go-to' and improves your weakest shot.”

question 2

TGW.com: For golfers who are in the market for new wedges, should their focus be on bounce or should it be on the grind or sole design?

STONE: “I’m not sure bounce ever tells the whole story. It’s critical to understand the width of the sole. It’s critical to understand the shape of the sole. The grinds are intended to help players execute different shots. If more players looked at the grind and thought about how do I use this club, they’d make more informed decisions.”

question 3

TGW.com: Should ability level be a serious consideration when choosing wedges?

STONE: “I think forever there’s been this myth that low-skill players need high-bounce wedges and high-skill players need low-bounce wedges. The choice should be made based on swing type. We have several tour-level skilled players who play high bounce wedges.”

question 4

TGW.com: In terms of importance, how would you rank the factors that should go into picking new wedges?

STONE: “In order of importance, the swing and how you deliver the club is number one. Number two is the conditions you play. Ability level would be a distant third. The golf club doesn’t know how good you are. Are your a digger or are you a sweeper? That’s not going to fundamentally change.”

question 5

TGW.com: Is there one of the SM6 grind options that golfers might discount that they need to give a more serious look?

STONE: “The K Grind is a club that’s having lots of success on Tour. And it’s a great option for people who struggle with bunker shots. For the player who needs that help, we’ve just improved a weakness. And that’s the goal with each of these grinds. Each was designed to be optimal for certain shots.”

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